POST Fantasy football?


Tom Brady looked like HBK at Crown Royal yesterday


LOL Yup. Couldn’t have had at a better time. With a win over you I can get back to 50/50 booking.


I feel like Gedo

I booked this whole F’n tournament and all I do is take the fall in tags


I see Nathan Peterman just got future endeavored from the Bills.


I’m the Shane McMahon of this competition.

Best in the world bay bay, wooooo


my team has been relegated to Sunday Night Heat


If you are all looking for a match worse than one of these survivor series matches, you should have a look at the the one taking place between @Rated_R_Poster “Brandon from Oswah and MJ from NJ


Sorry, I don’t associate with the undercard.


This Rams vs Chiefs game is amazing. This should be the Super Bowl.


There are two types of bottled water, sparkling…

…and still…


Damn. I’m getting rocked harder than Asuka’s main roster run.:joy::joy:


Just had a pinfall with 3 seconds left in an iron man match moment at the end of tonight.


Aren’t you guys tired of jobbing to me every week?

I want my own locker room.


Have your own locker room. You remember what happened to WCW in 2001?


One reg season week left before playoffs.
Playoffs were made to be 6 teams with two byes (half teams advance). This isn’t the Andre Battle Royal where we get everyone on the preshow. Only main card acts get Playoff payoffs


My team is akin to Ricky Steamboat. Although we get beaten down and sell for everyone, we will win the big one, when it counts.


Btw, this is for you buddy:


My late push feels very much like most Indy darling title runs in the Fall. book you up until the playoffs but don’t expect to play for the championship at Mania


I’ve got the 3rd highest point total in the league and am sitting in 8th place. Need a Curt Hawkins miracle to pull myself into the playoffs!


So you are Dolph Ziggler of the early 2010s. High quality work rate, shitty win %

I think ill good back and do a season long recap of who everyone’s wrestling comp was and submit as feedback to double shot.