POST Fantasy football?

Saturday morning or Sunday morning would be best for me

No I’ll look to complete that tmrw. Saturday seems to be preferable for several. I’ll set a time and accept complaints and adjust accordingly.

@TheBenjamin can be 15, but we will need one more

Saturday would be great, maybe we could draft during Payback lol.

Saturday is all good by me.

EDIT - Apparently I’ve already said this above. This level of attention to detail is a trait that I promise to bring to this year’s fantasy football league.

Saturday would be awesone

Sorry for the delay… Unfortunately, my email notifications went to junk for some reason but I will join the league now so you have 16

I think I did this almost correct. Some should have received an auto renew. Some should get an email to whatever was used last year to join the single league this year.

If you don’t receive an email or appear joined let me know (really just DM me an email to send to). The correct league is The Cafe.

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Looks like we have 14 renewed or joined. Which 2 did I miss or need to sign up? I did set the Draft for 7:30pm est Saturday

I’m logged in, but I need an invite. The league is missing on the Yahoo Fantasy app.

It works for me!

16 teams are locked in! We’re a go for 7:30 eastern tonight. Another year gets under way. I’m going to be extra spicy this year since y’all dragged me outa forum retirement for this :hot_pepper:


12:30am start time for me but I’m ready for some football.


Team name idea if you happen to own both Christian Watson and Jahan Dotson in a league:

The Dot and Wat ConnecSon

Week 1 Rumors and Innuendo.

Shout out Burning Hammers who picks up right where they left off last season. A nice performance fueled by Tyreek Hill going for 72 points and Dallas going for 31 points. WHOA! Makes up for Tee Higgins posting a 0. Impressive to put up the most points with a 0 from Higgins.

Even more impressive, Burning Hammers had two players combine for 100+ points, which alone beat the two teams featured in the Pillow Fight Game of the Week between The Elite and He Could Go All The Way. And if you add up the total points in that game, 185.04 it still did not match Burning Hammers, or Jahmyroquai who also topped the 200 mark.

The biggest loser of the week was not Total Elimination for losing by 87.52 pts, It was Total Elimination for losing Aaron Rodgers. (Trade offer for Geno is in the mail).

The 5 Star Classic of Week 1 saw the Punishing Brusiers go over The Webster Slaughter. That game came down to Monday night and was decided by 4.8pts.

Other winners included veterans Sancty, Red Raiders, and Dark Order Island, teams whose names haven’t changed in like 5 years. On a personal note, shout out Dark Order Island who proved the Dark Order is superior to The Tribal Chief, something we can all acknowledge is true.

In the WTF Matchup of the Week, spot monkey Josh Allen threw 3 INT and had a lost fumble and the Roughriders3 beat The Straw Hats despite having 2 players put up 0s and Joe Burrow notching a measly 3 points.

See you all for Week 2.


It is going to be a long way to the tippy top of the mountain.

Well I think I have never climbed a mountain in a quicker fashion.

Week 2, the week @Gerrit climbed the Mountain.

The King of the Mountain this week is The Elite posting 211.20pts. Somehow, he is still in 10th place, but impressive nontheless.

In the WTF moment of the week, Punishing Brusiers and The Straw Hats finish with exactly 204.86. I have confirmed they have different teams.

I should also take a moment to make fun of myself. I spent at least 5 minutes determining who had the 5 Star Game of the Week only to conclude I completely overlooked the 6 Star with Milk Game of the Week: Bi Weak defeating Post’s Tribal Chief by 3.08pts. Bi Week owes a hat tip to the Browns, who lost so he could win.

Bad week for the Brothers of Destruction. Both teams suffered defeat and there are rumors that collusion (not to be mistaken with collision) is all be coming.

I would be remiss to not mention Total Elimination who beat He Could Go All The Wai while having 2 players post 0pts. From biggest loser to most impressive winner.

3 Teams are undefeated: Jahmyroquai, Burning Hammers and Punishing Brusiers
3 Teams emerging as jobbers: Canadian Destroyers, The Texans Tornado, and Post’s Tribal Chief


I could use a rb however I’m not in the position to trade one

Do you have a proper tight end? I could see myself trading one of my bench RBs for a tight end.

This many teams in one league it’s hard finding good parts. Bye weeks are going to be hilarious.

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