POST Fantasy football?


So, “NY/NJ Hitmen Reborn” = Taichi? :joy::joy::joy:


That’s so mean @Kahiliaulani

Given I’m the Commisioner of this organization I think I’m at least Teddy Long. Maybe Mike Adamle


:joy::joy:. GM Teddy Long? Surprised you didn’t create a 2-QB league.:joy::joy:


We are going to that next year Holla holla Holla!
Next year: 16 team, 2 QB league! Everyone must play! It’s like the Andre Battle Royal!


My team has been so streaky. Lose 2, win 7, lose 4. Hopefully I’ll go back to winning in time for the playoffs. Demarious Thomas needs to keep playing like he did yesterday and AJ Green needs to get the fuck back in the lineup already.


I’ve enjoyed my well-booked slow-burn march towards the playoffs. Now I’ve got one match left to get into the big dance.

I haven’t seen a tournament run this thrilling since James Storm in the Bound For Glory Series! :100:



How do tie breakers work?


It’s so cute that you all want to make the playoffs. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m winning already, I don’t even need to win, I could easily put another team over, but I’m not going to. I’m just going to win because I can.

I’m Shawn Michaels defeating the British bulldogs for the European championship,


I wrote a good recap of where things stand for the Double Shot this week but the boys no sold out fed like we were TNA. Maybe I’ll have to sell them the rights to @Tony catalog of trash talk to entice them


And the playoffs are set.

Despite a late push I’m left off the main card. Doesn’t mean I won’t win C Block!


I see you’re in the Wrestle Kingdom, opening match, Battle Royal, this year.:joy::joy:. Btw, thanks for putting this all together. It’s been fun.


Woohoo, I managed to barely make the playoffs.


I’m happy with my first season playing fantasy football. Really happy I’m not in the loser bracket.


Shout out to Nate - our mid-season mega trade almost led us both into the playoffs. Unlucky brother, hopefully next year.


You will be soon son.:wink:


Guys this has been awesome, thanks for making year 1 great!
I would like to do something special for the playoffs:
Champion gets his choice of POST Wrestling swag from the shop. I will send it to you. Maybe @johnpollock and @wai0937 will acknowledge our federation and not no sell us like some super indy last week :roll_eyes:

The consolation bracket winner will receive a very ugly C Block shirt

Good luck everyone and may a North American win and save my shopping cost!


Well… my team decided to pull a Jeff Hardy ala Victory Road…nothing else more I can say.




A first time fantasy player beats an experienced one who objectively has a significantly better team and has been cruising all season?

Yep, that’s the joy/hell of fantasy football.