POST Interview: Damian Abraham from "Turned Out a Punk"

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We have a special bonus show up with Damian Abraham stopping by for an in-studio chat with John Pollock.

The two go off in many directions, including Damian’s yet-to-be-released wrestling documentary series, spending a day with Atsushi Onita, going to the home of Rossy Ogawa, the spectacle of WrestleMania Weekend and where the growth potential lies for non-WWE promotions, talent crossing over outside the industry, tape trading, road stories with Fucked Up & more.

Listen to Damian’s podcast Turned Out a Punk, including Episode 101 with Zach Bair of Rise Against and Episode 200 with John Pollock & Wai Ting.

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Guys, please do this once a month with Damian. I know schedules might be hard to work out but I need to hear more.


Cosign. Damian is among my favorite guests of John and Wai’s. Him and I love whenever Jordan Breen can get involved with some WCW shenanigans.