POST MMA - News & Info Coverage

I know it gets partial coverage indirectly through podcast discussion, but will MMA news and updates be an inclusion in the daily updates as was done at LAW? I would love to have it. Anyone else?


There’s a thread somewhere about here asking if John will be looking to do something like the MMA Report again too… I’d definitely love to have MMA news and the like on here. I love wrestling and MMA, so the more stuff the POSTwrestling team can cover the better in my eyes.

I’m crossing my fingers but I’ll not be disappointed if not. I’m just happy POSTwrestling exists at all at this point. I was gutted when we lost The LAW.

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I realise the MMA Report may be a bit much to take on at the moment for John as him and Wai are building this up, but having the MMA updates would be a nice touch.

If John did bring back the MMA Report it would be cool to have special guests here and there like Ariel Helwani, Brendan Schaub, Joe Rogan? (Lol he may take note of POST being in the rankings in the podcast) … Those seem like fun conversations…

Any other MMA fans in here?

Call me a casual fan of MMA. I have a hardcore fan who keeps me up to date with it and I check in from time to time. Last event I watched was GSP/Bisping and that was top-to-bottom one of the best fight cards I’ve ever watched. Gonna try and fit more in this year though. At least the numbered shows where I can.

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i LOVED the MMA report!! i would like the site to cover both it would save me a lot of time lol

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@sageinc1024 I agree. I would be happy with just the news updates at this point.

@johnpollock any UFC 219 predictions you care to share? Any talk of Kabib and the weight cut?