POST News 1/12: MLW sues WWE (w/ Brandon Thurston & Andrew Thompson)

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Wai Ting & Andrew Thompson are joined by Brandon Thurston to discuss MLW’s lawsuit against WWE. Plus, GCW adds Ruby Soho vs. Allie Katch, WWE NXT 2.0 thoughts, and a preview of tonight’s AEW Dynamite.

Find Brandon’s summary of the MLW lawsuit on the Wrestlenomics Patreon:

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Good show y’all… Just an aside… I am brd(y) on YouTube and it’s BIRDY, not Brad or Bradly. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Birdy! Good to know. Thanks for listening.

There has always been something about the owner of MLW that bothered me all these years when I’d hear him on the usual shows and this adds to that opinion and I am in no way a WWE fan.

The guy just seems so petty and will do anything for attention.

I enjoyed when Court used to so his show with John, years ago. But I totally understand that feeling.

I think he talks a big game, and has some very big investors in MLW. I think there is likely hedge fund money / Wall Street money in the mix. So, my guess is that he’s beholden to a lot of people - and has to make noise to keep people buying into what he’s selling. I think this is an example of that.

I doubt it’s big money. A fund maybe, definitely personal investors. Would it be shocking if they are in for $5mil? $10mil would seem high. No idea.

The lawyer stuff is interesting.

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I mean big money compared to most indie promotions - which despite its polish and TV, is what MLW is.

$5M is 50x-100x what the biggest indies have backing them (GCW, PWG, etc).

Pre-Sinclair, I doubt it was even the ballpark of what ROH had behind them.

So comparatively speaking, they’re in a very unique position funding wise.

At the end of the day, MLW is making somebody money. They’re selling our 1000+ venues, but at the same time have very little non-MLW generated buzz around them. They’re in a very strange space. They don’t pay well, but they still lock people into deals - and have made big money offers to certain people (and notoriously lowballed others). They have TV deals, but I don’t think any of them have brought them to the “next level”.

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