POST News 6/4/21: Dynamite update, Chyna doc, Grizzly Smith DSOTR

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John Pollock & Wai Ting discuss today’s top stories including AEW Dynamite’s ongoing scheduling changes, VICE TV airing a new Joanie “Chyna” Laurer doc, Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather, and our review of Dark Side of the Ring: In the Shadow of Grizzly Smith.

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With this third season of Dark Side I’ve realized how much I enjoy Jim Cornette as a wrestling historian. Which is shocking cause I can’t stand the guys YouTube channel.


He’s really got a brilliant mind for this stuff, if you can look past his obvious prejudices against female wrestlers, Japanese wrestlers, female Japanese wrestlers, and modern wrestling in general.

He’s a great historian. If only that’s what he focused on being known as.

Thanks again for all of the great coverage guys.

In regards to documentaries about Tom Billington, Highspots made one nearly ten years ago called Dynamite Kid: A Matter of Pride. It was funded through Kickstarter and had interviews with him and several others. I have the DVD since I contributed to the campaign, but I haven’t seen it since first getting it, so it might be time to watch it again.

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I’m going to butcher it but remember that line in Beyond the Mat when they’re talking to Grizzly Smith about his relationship with Jake and he says something along the lines of, “Jake was born out of love” or something like that…after watching the Dark Side episode, that line is very disturbing!

Oh no! I haven’t seen the Jake-related stuff in Beyond the Mat since I first saw the movie in 2000. Now it scares me to know Grizzly Smith is in it.