POST NEWS UPDATE: AEW defeats NXT as Week 2 ratings decline

This was just too on point

When it comes to chasing good PR, they’re as full of shit as the WWE. It’s probably combined numbers all across the world for both episodes and AEW Dark with YouTube views thrown in and everyone that bought the PPVs.

Tony Khan’s next public statement: “Every viewer will have free healthcare”.

LOL. Yep. It’s so obvious When they don’t want to give us a finish. Makes you question how smart you need to be to work on WWE creative doesn’t it

It’s unbelievable :exploding_head:
In no other genre does everything end with exactly how it started. People succeed and people fail and it’s story telling. The 50/50 booking and fear of showing weakness in a top star is what destroys all story telling in wwe and that is why it’s extremely mundane week after week

New Japan has mastered this.