POST NEWS UPDATE: Billy Corgan speaks candidly about his working relationship with EC3

Originally published at POST NEWS UPDATE: Billy Corgan speaks candidly about his working relationship with EC3

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** Joining Busted Open Radio was NWA owner Billy Corgan. He opened up about his working relationship with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3. Corgan expressed that he has total faith in him as a talent. Looking back at EC3’s arrival to NWA, Corgan believes he was hurt by what happened with Control Your Narrative. He stated that EC3 came to him hat in hand.

I think he felt — and I don’t think he would mind me saying this — I think he felt defeated by what went down with C.Y.N. and it didn’t quite work out on the business level the way he wanted including (Braun) Strowman going back to WWE. It kind of blew up his world so when he came to me, he came to me a little bit hat in hand and I said, ‘I wanna work whatever you wanna work’ and so over time, we sort of built, let’s call it ‘new vision’ of how he can put those pieces together with what the NWA is doing and so, again, work in progress but look, I have total faith in him as a talent. So, we’ll see where that goes.

He heaped praise onto ‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason, who is the NWA National Heavyweight Champion. Corgan loves working with him and told the story of when they were on a tour of Australia, Mason was supposed to defeat a local talent. The crowd got behind the local talent so Mason changed the finish so the local could win. Afterwards, Mason explained to Corgan that he changed the finish because he was raised to do business the right way.

Couldn’t agree more (that ‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason could be a big star for NWA) and it was Ricky Morton who introduced Thrillbilly to me and from the moment he stepped in our ring, we thought, we gotta have that guy and he’s been nothing but a credit and a pleasure to work with. He gets it. If I could tell you a quick story and I know you don’t like to pull the curtain back too much. We were wrestling in Australia on The World is a Vampire tour and Thrillbilly was wrestling a local guy and in the match, Thrillbilly was booked to go over and I watched the match. About 3,000 people are around the ring. Crowd is just rocking, people are really having a great time and it gets to the finish and the local guy goes over. So I go back in the locker room and I said, ‘Did you change that finish?’ And Thrillbilly looks at me, he goes, ‘I was raised to do business the right way’ because he read the crowd and he thought, this is right for business. That’s the kind of guy I wanna be in business with.

** There’s an interview on PWInsider’s website with Ric Flair. He recounted when the chop/woooo combination started to catch on. When he’d see someone do it on WWE TV and the crowd reacted accordingly, he would text Vince McMahon and jokingly say McMahon is never getting rid of him.

No, I could not (imagine that the ‘woooo’ has taken off like it has). I realized when it caught on. I think I used it when I first left WWE, and every night someone would chop somebody, I would text Vince, ‘You’re never gonna get rid of me.’ It caught on and I’m thankful. Not that I really overthought it, I just started saying it one day and now there’s almost not a stadium probably in the country or that I’ve ever been and even — well not North Korea necessarily but all through Europe and New Zealand, Australia, they love it. The kind of cultural expression of emotion of high, good emotion. I think about it sometimes… I take it a day at a time and I’m sometimes overwhelmed but I don’t share that with too many people…

** XeniaDidThat sat down with Nyla Rose for an interview. Nyla shared that it would be nice to officially become AEW TBS Champion. She referenced her program with Jade Cargill during which she stole Cargill’s title and paraded around as champion.

It’d be nice to actually have the TBS Championship, where nobody can claim that they were the rightful owner… The disrespect of them putting ‘TBS Champion’ in quotation marks under my name. So it’d be nice to have them do it without the quotations.

** Guest appearing on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw was Thunderbolt Patterson. He was asked about being a manager to Ice Train in WCW and Patterson feels if he was left with The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner), it would have been great. It was not his choice to manage Ice Train. Patterson said he wanted to be a manager with substance and be paired with talents that could work. He recounted Eric Bischoff asking him what he could do for the business and Patterson said he cussed Bischoff out and walked off.

They put me with The Steiner Brothers (as a manager). If they had left me with The Steiner Brothers, it would have been awesome. They put me with Ice Train. Ice Train went into — oh, I hate to call this man’s name but I got to do it — (Eric) Bischoff. (Ice Train went) without me and got his little piece of money. Do you know what Bischoff asked me? ‘What could I do for the business?’ And I had to cuss him out and leave. Ice Train was just a muscle guy that… that wasn’t my choice.

I wanted to be a manager with some substance, you understand? I wanted to be a manager with some individuals that could work. Not using me to get them — you understand what I’m saying?… Yes, yes, yes (that’s the reason why I liked managing The Steiners). Myself and The Steiner Brothers at that time… we could’ve done whatever needed to be done.

** As Karrion Kross was speaking to Chris Van Vliet, he shared that he thinks he wants to continue growing his hair out. Kross cited Undertaker in 1998 as the length he wants his hair to get to.

Eventually, it’s going to grow so long that it’s going to take over the earth. That’s the plan. That’s pretty long. I think I want to grow my hair, maybe to like Taker ’98 length. I always thought that was a really cool period in his career. And that whole vibe, that whole look was awesome. And yeah, I was telling you initially I was supposed to do the film… we never finished it. Held off, like a bunch of things that went wrong. We never got to it. I just decided to keep my hair.

** In late August, Revolution Pro Wrestling ran Copper Box Arena to present their 11 Year Anniversary Show. Sha Samuels, who was a part of a six-way Scramble at the event, shared that originally, he was not scheduled for the show. Samuels detailed how he ended up as a part of it during his appearance on Wrestling With Johners.

It was amazing, it was amazing, right? (Samuels said about being a part of RevPro’s 11 Year Anniversary Show) So, I came out at the first show in Sittingbourne. What? 200 people? Their first show and then to come out in front of 4,000, mind-blowing. Absolutely mind-blowing… I think I’m okay to say this. I wasn’t meant to be on the show, right? So I wasn’t meant to be on the show. This is crazy.

I said to Andy (Quildan), ‘Do you need me for the Copper Box?’ And he said, ‘I think it’s full.’ I said, ‘Okay mate. No drama if I’m not on it but I’m going to carry on training hard. If you need me, I’m there for you’ and then, he sent me a message and said that, ‘Got a spot for you’ so, wasn’t really meant to be on it and then three weeks before the show, he’s booked me for it so, that meant the world to me getting to do that and I just felt really lucky — and I don’t wanna sound cliché — blessed. Since coming back to RevPro, I’ve done so many cool things, for a company I love so much. It feels really good.

** Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s FanNation section spoke to Bryan Danielson.

** BRUTUS magazine conducted a sit-down interview with Togi Makabe about food and snacks.

** All Japan Pro Wrestling Results (10/12/23) Shin-Kiba 1st RING in Tokyo, Japan
– Naoki Tanizaki & Naruki Doi def. Black Menso-re & Kenichiro Arai
– Hokuto Omori def. Dan Tamura
– Eruption (Hideki Okatani & Yukio Sakaguchi) def. Takao Omori & Yoshitatsu
– Ren Ayabe & Shuji Ishikawa def. Keiichi Sato & Kotaro Suzuki
– Suwama def. Koji Iwamoto by referee’s decision
– Voodoo Murders (Jun Saito, Rei Saito & Toshizo) def. Ryo Inoue, Yuma Anzai & Ryuki Honda
– Kento Miyahara & Rising HAYATO def. Atsuki Aoyagi & Yuma Aoyagi

** October 12th birthdays: Karen Jarrett.

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.