POST NEWS UPDATE: Doc Gallows planning a follow up PPV to Talk 'N Shop A Mania

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** Doc Gallows was a guest on Rick Bassman’s ‘Talking Tough’ podcast along with Don Frye. Gallows revealed that he’s working on a secondary show that’ll follow Talk’n Shop-A-Mania and the second show will take on a more serious tone.

“I’m putting together a secondary pay-per-view project that I can’t say much about publicly right now but it’s not a parody thing. It’s a more serious pro wrestling element and there’s a want for some Mixed Martial Arts stuff in there and it’s a lot of people I think the three of us know, and I think it could be something cool to that for sure.”

** Former WWE agent Lance Storm was the focus of a Q&A session for the Figure Four Daily podcast. Lance reacted to Eric Young’s comments about WWE being a “broken system” and his experience with the company while he was on RAW and SmackDown. Storm explained that there are varying opinions that some have about the inner-workings of the WWE system but that feeling comes down to whether said individual is being spotlighted or not.

“I think you’re half right, because I think many people have both . When you’re in favor of creative and they are focusing on you, it can be the greatest place in the world, and when for whatever reasons — not always your fault, sometimes it is — you’re not the focus or you haven’t been the one they’ve decided to go with or they don’t have ideas for you and then it could be a frustrating, horrible place. But I would think you get that everywhere. Whether it’d be WCW, TNA. I would imagine AEW stays around long enough, there will be someone eventually that wishes they were used better and done more with and thought they deserved it. So, that’s the whole thing and obviously I’m a big fan of Eric Young. I think the guy is ridiculously talented, obscenely versatile and he did what? He wrestled on Main Event and he sat in catering. So I can see why he hated the process because he wasn’t figured in and used, and again, when you look at my run there, there was times I was I.C. Champ, I was in the Un-Americans and it was great. I was on pay-per-view. I worked with Hogan, I worked with Rock, I worked with Edge. It was phenomenal, and then there was times where I’m one of the eight guys betting on a Mark Henry lift of strength, or you’re doing a two-minute job for somebody you think you’re more talented than. It’s like, that’s wrestling. I think that’s probably why you get so many different views of what people think WWE is. When you’re in favor, it’s the greatest place in the world and when you’re out of favor, it’s not so much.”

** Television host Regis Philbin passed away at the age of 88-years old. The world-renowned talk show host was regularly involved in the world of pro wrestling. POST Wrestling would like to send our condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of Regis.

** Doc Gallows was a guest on the ‘Putting You Over’ podcast. He revealed that while he and Karl Anderson were with WWE, the company offered them a spot on their podcast network which features After The Bell, New Day: Feel The Power and a forthcoming podcast that’ll be hosted by Alexa Bliss.

“So they pretty funny on these kinds of things. Do you wanna come be the guest?’ I said, ‘Of course I want an opportunity to run my mouth. I’d love to do that,’ and we laughed our asses off for 30 minutes and then it became a three-man podcast and it was the three of us until we left New Japan and signed with WWE and then we kinda had to shut the podcast down because it isn’t exactly PG but, before our release, maybe two weeks before the release we decided we’re gonna fire it back up. WWE had offered us a spot on their podcast network and I thought the financial offer was less than sufficient so we went out on our own and we started back up and we’ve been lucky to get a lot of buzz and a lot of people like to hear us talk. It’s not always just wrestling talk all the time. It’s just three dudes bullsh*tting about life and we’re not afraid to be the butt of our own joke which we often times are, and we just have a lot of fun on there man so I’m glad that people enjoy it.”

** Wade Keller of PWTorch has a report up on the site about IMPACT Wrestling’s viewership on AXS TV for the post-Slammiversary edition of their show. This week’s program drew 163,000 viewers, which was up from the 156,000 viewers it drew a week prior. Since March 24th, the average viewership has been 145,000. For this week’s show, in the key 18-49 demographic, IMPACT did an 0.05 rating for the first time since February. IMPACT was the 103rd most watched show on cable television show on 7/21.

** ‘Irish Mirror’ caught up with Finn Balor recently and asked him about Edge’s request on social media that he’d like to wrestle Balor at an NXT TakeOver event. Balor stated that he’s more than happy to grant Edge’s request.

“I would like to address that situation right now, Edge was saying he wanted to face Finn Balor at Takeover so if we could do it at Takeover Dublin all the better. An absolute legend in the ring, but what an absolute gent and a true pro outside the ring. I’ve always said it to both him and Christian that when they retired, I met them at a couple of media appearances and I said: ‘lads, you two are like how I’d look to transition out of wrestling – to carry yourself with such professionalism’ – and to see him (Edge) back is fantastic. Getting the chance to wrestle with him would be even better.”

Balor shared his thoughts about his fellow Irishman, Sheamus. Balor said he’d like to see how Sheamus fares in NXT and he’d like to get in the ring again with the former multi-time world champion.

“A lot of the boys on Raw would be saying, ‘Oh you don’t want to be in the ring with Sheamus, he hits you really hard’ and I’m thinking that sounds kind of normal to me for where I’m from. I think it was even before I got drafted to Raw, I was NXT champion and I was doing a tour of Europe and they put me in with Sheamus every night and I remember the first night he hit me, and I hit him back. And it was like we had a mutual understanding… I love being in the ring with Sheamus and I’m a big fan of him. To see him back in the ring is great, he’s in tremendous shape and he keeps evolving and it’d be a big coup for NXT if we can get him down here.”

In another portion of the interview with Balor, he spoke about his father’s COVID-19 diagnosis and recovery. Balor also revealed that his mother had COVID-19 but she recovered from it along with his father and they are both well now.

“In less than a year, yeah. It was only less than a year ago that (he had) his heart surgery, and he just recovered from the heart surgery and they told him he needed a hip replacement – he’d been limping on that hip for three years I wouldn’t mind. My mother, I think, had Covid-19 but didn’t get tested as it was in the very early days and she was sick for about three weeks. Two weeks later he got sick, he actually went and got tested and he was positive. Thank God they’re both well now and everyone’s safe, I’m very fortunate.”

The topic switched over to Irish wrestling. Balor talked about OTT and how critical it is that the promotion makes it through the pandemic. He added that it’s important to continue grooming the next generation of talents but he’s also happy that wrestlers are able to heal up and recover from the mileage on their respective bodies.

“I think as a society we really need to pull together and think about if we don’t help these things when we’re in our moments of need – they’re not going to be there when everything opens back up. We really need to keep that in mind and work together, and hopefully we’ll all get through this. Things like OTT, we really need that in Ireland. If people can help in any way I think it’s so important that things like OTT and other wrestling promotions are there when quarantine and lockdown is all gone. It’s important that we still have that platform to present young talent and groom the next generation of Irish wrestlers. There’s a lot of great talent there, it’s just about trying to keep on top of everything, I know it’s a very hard time for everyone involved, especially with the scene kind of put on pause right now in Ireland. But the lads should take advantage of the time off, let their bodies heal because these lads are at 17 or 18 years old and smashing themselves every week. So yeah, let their bodies heal and mature, grow, get in the gym, watch tapes, study and soon enough this will all be past us and they can come back better than ever.”

** SunSport pushed out their interview with NXT Champion Keith Lee. Lee recalled when he had an interaction with Goldberg in New Orleans while WWE was in town for WrestleMania 34.

“This guy yells at Goldberg while I’m standing there and I’m looking silly by the way because I have on this Eevee hat, this Eevee Pokemon hat. And I’m sitting here with this fruity type thing. So I’m sitting here with this Eevee hat with these ears that are poking out and I got this drink and he’s yelling at Goldberg…stops him. He’s like, ‘Hey Goldberg! This is the next big thing in WWE!’ Goldberg looks at me and kind of sizes me up and then he just starts dropping knowledge. We shook hands and he was off to go do what he was going to do. I certainly wasn’t sneaking it. But a very interesting moment in time, you only get in professional wrestling.”

** New Japan Pro Wrestling announced a new series entitled ‘NJPW Strong’, which will start up on August 7th at 10 PM EST.

** Per the latest F4WOnline Daily Update, the Melbourne City Wrestling promotion in Australia has been sold to the team that owns the MCW Academy in Melbourne. The academy was affiliated with the promotion but it was not owned by the promotion owner, Mikey Jay. One of the new owners of MCW is Robin Herbstriet, who works for the firm that helps WWE with media when they come to Australia and New Zealand.

** WWE listed off their top-ten matches of the year thus far. Ranking at #1 was Undertaker vs. AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36.

** SmackDown Tag Team Champion Cesaro was interviewed by Newsweek. Cesaro spoke about his promo ability and if he feels things have been improving on that front over the recent weeks and months as he’s gotten more mic time.

“A little bit of both. I’ve been working on that forever . English is not my first language so for me it’s harder. A lot of stuff gets mixed up in my head, I’ll mix up words and sayings. I had a good one like, ‘Taking the kid from the candy’ or one of my better ones is, ‘Out of blue field’ which is a mix of ‘out of left field’ and ‘out of the blue’ so I mess up stuff, I mix stuff up, my accent sometimes people don’t understand it. So I was always focusing on that and now I’m getting the chance to talk more and once people hear my voice more often it will help me and everybody. Fortunately enough, I’ve had my chance to get on the microphone more and it’s been fun. It’s something I constantly work on and hope to improve.”

** All Japan Pro Wrestling Results (7/25/20) Korakuen Hall
– Dan Tamura & Hikaru Sato def. Black Menso-re & Yusuke Okada
– Jake Lee, Masanobu Fuchi & Takao Omori def. Atsuki Aoyagi, Osamu Nishimura & Yuma Aoyagi
All Asia Tag Team Championship #1 Contendership — Three Way Tag Team Match: Izanagi & Zeus def. KAI & TAJIRI and Seigo Tachibana & Yoshitatsu
– Akira Francesco, Jiro Kuroshio, Kento Miyahara & Rising HAYATO def. Hokuto Omori, Kuma Arashi, Shotaro Ashino & Yusuke Kodama
AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Championship: Koji Iwamoto def. Susumu Yokosuka (c)
AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship: Suwama (c) def. Shuji Ishikawa

** Keith Lee was the latest guest on Superstar Savepoint on the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel.


** IMPACT Wrestling’s Cody Deaner joined the ‘Putting You Over’ podcast and he spoke about the creative freedom in the company. Deaner recalled being handed a script for a segment with himself, Cousin Jake (Jake Something) and Willie Mack and the only thing that was written on the script was for it to be entertaining.

“In IMPACT, we’re not handed a script and . We get the chance to get over or sink or swim. If it’s not good, it can be on us because okay, we didn’t do our job right but if it’s awesome, it’s funny, if it’s supposed to be funny and it’s great, the fans like it — like the stuff that me, Cousin Jake and Willie Mack did then it’s also on us too because we did it and we came up with it and we got to create that ourselves so, there’s freedom there man, there’s freedom and it’s very refreshing.”

** Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture interviewed Hornswoggle. Swoggle recalled when he was hungover during his segment on SmackDown with The Undertaker. He was asleep under the ring and Finlay woke him up, tossed him in the ring and he had to finish out the segment with Undertaker.

“There is a famous story in the book that we talk about how that night I was supposed to do a spot with the Undertaker, where Finlay was gonna come under, roll me out, throw me in the ring and I was gonna have an interaction with the Undertaker. The night before I was a little over served on the tour, I had a few too many and I was sleeping under the ring and I am laying face down. Finlay lifts the apron and just sees me laying face down, he thought I got knocked out from one of the beams, nope I was just sleeping. He goes, ‘Hey! Wake up!’ I wake up, I look at him, and he goes, ‘What are you doing?’ And he throws me in there {the ring} and now I realize, ‘Oh shoot, I just missed my cue. And the Undertaker is above me.’ He throws me into the ring and the whole time I am going, ‘I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry.’ {laughs} … but he gets to the back and goes, ‘What happened?’ and I go, ‘I fell asleep’ and he goes, ‘You fell asleep!?’ It’s one of those things we look back on and we laugh about so much now because just everything leading up to it was awesome. It’s one of those cool moments, I will never forget.”

** Here’s the newest episode of ROH’s ‘Roleplay of Honor’ series:


** WrestlePro is running a show on August 22nd that’ll feature a singles match between Brian Myers and Joey Janela.

** Kurt Angle hosted a Q&A on his personal Facebook page and one of the questions asked of Angle was what match or promo does he think put him on the map. Angle accredited that to his WWE Championship match against Chris Benoit at the 2003 Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

“The match with Benoit at Royal Rumble 2003 put me on the map as the best wrestler in the biz at that time. That’s when things clicked and I proved how good I was. It took about 4 years to get to that level and I never looked back.”

** Paradigm Pro Wrestling ‘Heavy Hitters 2’ Results (7/24/20) Sellersburg, Indiana
PPW Championship: Freddie Hudson def. Cole Radrick (c)
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round UFWI Rules: Tom Lawlor def. Calvin Tankman
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round Street Fight: Bobby Beverly def. Ron Mathis
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round UWFI Rules: The Hoodfoot def. Devantes
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round Street Fight: Nolan Edwards def. Kevin Ku
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round UWFI Rules: Dominic Garrini def. Gary Jay
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round UWFI Rules: Aaron Williams def. AJ Gray
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round Street Fight: Brett Ison def. Bradley Prescott IV
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round UWFI Rules: Erick Stevens def. Big Perc
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round UWFI Rules: Flash Thompson def. Justin Kyle
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round UWFI Rules: Chris Dickinson def. Lee Moriarty
Heavy Hitters 2 Tournament First Round Street Fight: Matthew Justice def. Stephan Bonnar
Vacant PPW Heavy Hitters Title Elimination Match: Bobby Beverly def. Aaron Williams and Brett Ison and Chris Dickinson and Dominic Garrini and Erick Stevens and Flash Thompson and Matthew Justice and Nolan Edwards and The Hoodfoot and Tom Lawlor

** Following his Bar Fight against Sheamus on SmackDown, Jeff Hardy did an interview with and stated that now that Sheamus is behind him, he hopes his “dead horse of a soul the last few months can finally stop being beat”.


** ‘The Inner Sanctum’ spoke with NXT’s Dakota Kai.

** Nikki and Brie Bella hosted a Zoom party to celebrate hitting 3 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. Stephanie McMahon, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Renee Young, Kathy and John Laurinaitis and several others were a part of the festivities.

** NJPW Lion’s Break Collision Results (7/24/20)
– Tom Lawlor def. Alex Coughlin
– Misterioso def. Danny Limelight
– TJP & Clark Connors def. Rocky Romero & Rust Taylor
– Jeff Cobb def. Karl Fredericks

** Jake Something and Finn Balor have birthdays today. To celebrate Finn Balor’s birthday, WWE uploaded a playlist of his “coolest matches” to their YouTube channel.


** Ronda Rousey played DragonBall Z Kakarot and the footage of that gaming session is up on her YouTube channel.

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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