POST NEWS UPDATE: Georgia Smith: I don’t believe NXT UK would be existing if not for my dad

Originally published at Georgia Smith: I don’t believe NXT UK would be existing if not for my dad

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** The Straight Talk Wrestling podcast welcomed Georgia Smith, daughter of British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith onto the podcast. Georgia said she doesn’t know why it has taken so long for WWE to induct her father into their Hall Of Fame. While discussing that, she gave her take on the NXT UK brand and feels that the brand wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for her father’s influence on British wrestling.

I don’t really know. I think they were just waiting for the right time and I don’t know if they were necessarily — if they were waiting for Harry to come back or I don’t know what their reasoning was but obviously NXT UK, that’s taken off and I don’t believe NXT UK would be existing if it wasn’t for my dad. So, I think they kind of sat down and were like, ‘Yeah, it’s time, it’s time’ and again, I’m a little teeny tiny bit bitter that it didn’t happen years ago but, hey, it’s happening now but now, look at all the build up that’s now happening.

British Bulldog is going to be spotlighted in the WWE Icons series on the WWE Network/Peacock streaming service. Georgia Smith stated that she was told Terry Funk was supposed to have an episode as well.

They told me and I think I believe Terry Funk was in the lineup but I don’t know what happened with that, but they told me it was Davey , Rob Van Dam, Yokozuna and Terry. So yeah, I was really excited about it.

Continuing on the topic of WWE Icons, Georgia detailed how the opportunity for her father to be profiled in the series came about.

Well they, as far as I’m aware of, Kerwin as I mentioned, Hall Of Fame and his name has been brought up more now than it has in the past nearly 20 years so, it was really exciting and I had to be quiet about it and we had to have our Zoom meetings, WWE and I and Harry and they were like, ‘We have to keep this confidential’ and I saw in some of the wrestling news sites like, ‘Documentary in the works’ and ‘WWE was with Harry recently filming a match with Harry’ and I was like, ‘I can’t say anything.’

** Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson covered the 3/18/06 edition of WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event for the latest installment of Something to Wrestle with. Not too long before that show, WWE instituted their Wellness Program which includes a Cardiovascular test and Monitoring Program. Prichard spoke about how impactful the addition to the wellness policy was/is.

It is be the healthiest that you can be and if you have underlying conditions, then if we do regular testing, we are going to discover those conditions a whole lot sooner.’ That’s the general understanding that I have of it and it was done to help talent be able to be in front of things and not look at something like, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t know that was there,’ because a lot of times, guys were on the road so often. To have a family doctor and to have time to actually go to a doctor and get checked up, they’re just gonna keep going. They’re going to keep moving on. This instituted a policy and this instituted testing. Overall, testing for them that would help them and be source for them to catch sh*t early on.

Vince McMahon was heading into a WrestleMania match with Shawn Michaels 2006. Prichard discussed Vince’s approach to being on-screen with talents and said that Vince felt he was too old to be on TV at times.

Most of the time he had to be talked into ‘em. He would always start with somebody else, and, ‘No God damnit. I’m too old to be on TV. I don’t wanna be on TV. Put somebody else on there that — I’m not gonna make the live events. Get somebody on there that’s gonna do that’ and then, okay, well what if we did this? So he usually took a little bit of talking.

** Independent talent Mike Verna, who has been consistently competing on AEW Dark was profiled by the ‘Canarsie Courier’. It’s noted in the article that Verna battled COVID-19 last summer.

** Jake “The Snake” Roberts guest appeared on the ‘Rasslin with Brandon F. Walker podcast. Back in October of 2020, Roberts opened up about a health scare he had that derives from his battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. During his recent podcast appearance, Roberts further dove into that and said that he could’ve died.

I got sick here a while back and I almost died, just a few months ago. No it wasn’t my own doing and unfortunately, my family, we have a couple of lung issues anyway genetically and I did not know that. Here I am today and everything is beautiful.

Jake started with All Elite Wrestling in March of 2020. He doesn’t ever see himself departing the company and said he would be there even if he was not being paid.

I’m gonna listen to the opportunities, but I am not gonna walk out on AEW. I don’t care what is offered me. This is where I want to be. If Tony came to me and said, ‘Jake, we gotta save some money. You know, sorry.’ I’ll say, ‘Well do you mind if I just show up on my own?’ Because that’s why I would do it. Tony, please don’t do that to me though.

As the conversation rolled on about Jake’s first AEW appearance, he shared that initially, his deal with the company was only supposed to be for ten weeks. That ultimately turned into a full-time deal.

I seen this as an opportunity to regain and recover my dream, and that was just doing whatever I could in wrestling and they opened the door just a little bit and I came to AEW with a contract that said ten weeks, only ten weeks then I was gonna be done and very quickly, they decided they wanted to keep me around.

Jake is 65-years old and the last time he wrestled in a sanctioned match was in 2018. He said he’s not ruling out the idea of wrestling again and talked about Tully Blanchard’s recent return to in-ring competition on Dynamite.

“It’s still difficult . Jake wants to do more, and Jake still hasn’t gotten it through his thick skull that he’s 65, and man, every now and then, it’ll start bubbling and it’s like, ‘You got a couple matches left. Man come on, you know who you are’ and I’m still not ruling that out.

Oh it pissed me off . I’m so proud of him.”

While discussing his handling of snakes during his career, Roberts told the story of the time when he witnessed a python kill itself after biting him.

Well, I’ve gotten bit by the python several times man and they really mess you up when they bite you. I mean, that little hole there, that’s 24 stitches, and he got the vein too which is not a good thing. I had a snake commit suicide over that. They got feelings too I guess but he bit me and I took him to the back and I picked him up, ‘Why did you bite me?’ And I seen this look in his eye and he just raised up and dove his head at the wall, and I pulled him back and he overpowered me and he hit the wall again. I couldn’t stop him. He killed himself.

** Former IMPACT X Division Champion Rohit Raju did an interview with Lucha Libre Online and shared his thoughts about the ‘paid ads’ from AEW that are featured on IMPACT’s weekly show. Rohit would like to fire back at AEW and wishes that IMPACT would give him a microphone and let him deliver to AEW what they are giving.

I think it’s cool on one end, but then the last one they did with the entire roster, the big chunk of the roster, I want IMPACT to just let me have a microphone and let me pick ‘em apart, let me dissect ‘em verbally, because right now they’re untouchable and they think they’re untouchable and they feel they’re untouchable and if you don’t want one of your role model guys, IMPACT, on your roster, one of your main guys who don’t want to be touched, I’ll do the dirty work. I don’t care, I’ll take all that heat. I will take all that heat, I will disrespect their fans, I will disrespect Tony Khan, I will disrespect anybody on that roster because I feel now that you’re gonna bring all these other — and Brian Cage. Okay Brian Cage, let’s not forget where you came from brother, okay? You may be doing big things elsewhere but I remember plenty of our backstage conversations about comic books. Let’s not get it twisted, but I honestly would love to just dig into them with a promo. I know it will probably never happen but man I would love to do that, just to — come on man, let me give a jab back. Let me just get one in there because if anyone’s gonna do it, I feel confident in my abilities that I could. But, people need to push that. IMPACT’s probably not going for that but I would love to do it.

** Becky Lynch announced the passing of her father. POST Wrestling would like to send our condolences to Lynch’s family.

** IMPACT Co-Head of Talent Relations Gail Kim joined David LaGreca and Bully Ray on Busted Open Radio. Gail told the story of when she recently had to have a conversation with a few talents on the IMPACT roster about their match being sloppy but also providing them with support afterwards.

Listen, there was one match recently where all the girls came back and they were literally almost crying and upset, and that match, I had no choice but to tell them, ‘Hey guys, sloppy.’ It was just not good, and I really didn’t have a positive that one time and there are gonna be moments like that but then I give them the pep talk afterwards. ‘Listen, you’re gonna have to forget about it. Now move forward and we’re gonna have to do better from this and we can’t have performances like that and when we have fans back, you know, you’re not gonna have room for error’ and so, even though some people hate holding people’s feet to the fire and keep them accountable, that’s the only way they are going to be better and ultimately when we have these conversations, most of them, the people who do wanna get better say, ‘No, that’s what I wanna hear, that’s what I need to get better’ so, they respect it. They just have to be open-minded and know that we’re coming from a good place.

Gail was asked if she would consider going back to WWE. She mentioned that she’s been asked about this recently and she doesn’t think it would work out because she would not be able to take anything less than the best for the women’s division.

Well, there are times — it’s funny because someone — okay, someone recently put me in a position of like, ‘Would you go work for them again?’ As a trainer or whatever, and I’m like to be honest, I’d probably get into a physical fight. That’s what I always say, only because I’ve experienced that company twice now and I hope it’s changed and I’ve heard from some people here and there that it has changed, but ultimately, my personality does not fit within that corporation. It’s too controlled for me. There are people okay with that who are okay with playing their game or whatever it is. I enjoy being myself, enjoying my passion in life where I don’t have to play games and where I feel I don’t gotta, you know, get into it with my boss because I feel like — I remember thinking when I went back to WWE, when I left TNA that first time, I remember being so upset that I had to leave TNA. I cried, I balled my eyes out and then I pulled myself together and I said, ‘Okay, you know what? I’m a stronger woman now. I’m stronger and wiser and I’m gonna go into this situation very optimistic and hope for the best’ and I went in there and it was the same all over again. I just think after two times, I would have even less patience and I still feel like a stronger, more wiser woman. Now, I just don’t think I would take any bullsh*t, right? So, for me, I don’t think they would like me is what I’m saying because I’m not gonna be a robot and I will fight for the women. I’m not just gonna take the business of the match if it’s something that’s wrong or uncomfortable and where I can work with it and they wouldn’t be open to hearing my thoughts and that’s the understanding I have it’s like there but I don’t know if that’s true.

While agenting in IMPACT Wrestling, Gail shared that she has also agented men’s matches but her heart is with the women.

I feel like I’m very hands-on with the women. I have agented some of the guys’ matches here and there and of course I love producing and passing on knowledge in any way, male or female but my heart is with the women. I can’t lie about that. I’m very invested in that women’s division. It’s like my baby in a lot of ways and so when they knock it out of the park, my adrenaline’s just as high as theirs and I’m just so grateful that I get that feeling just watching them wrestle and accomplishing what we try to do together. It’s just a great feeling that I can get because I think if I wasn’t getting that feeling, I would probably be back in the ring because I’d miss it too much.

** Paige and Kay Lee Ray recorded their conversation about the growth of women’s wrestling in WWE for BT Sport. Paige spoke highly of former SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, who she feels is always trying to push new talents forward.

You and Bayley remind me of each other, because she’s always wanted to help younger talent, you know, become better and be better so you guys are always just like, ‘I will face these ladies to put them over to the max.’

Paige then looked back at her NXT Women’s Championship match against Tenille Dashwood. She said Dashwood does not get enough credit for her performance in the match and went on to speak about how during that bout, the biggest move they were allowed to do was a suplex off the top rope.

I just wanted to give some love to Emma, Tenille , it was a lot of freaking pressure and I still remember back then, Hunter was like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna give you some time’ and I was like, ‘What!?’ And I remember we were allowed to do a double suplex from the top rope and that was the biggest thing we could do but we were so excited. We were just like, ‘Finally, we get to do a big move from the top rope. This is groundbreaking.’

** Renee Paquette officially became a U.S. citizen today, as she revealed on Instagram.

** Chris Van Vliet spoke to Sabu. During their chat, Sabu was asked about his experience as a part of WWE’s version of ECW. Sabu feels that he had no one to go to bat for him in creative meetings. He recalled having a conversation with Dusty Rhodes about his standing in WWE and shared how Rhodes responded:

That was only a one-year deal and it wasn’t much money and they said they were gonna keep Sabu the way he is, the way he is in ECW but when I got there, they took Paul out the booking. After a couple months, they took Paul Heyman out of the booking and I had no one else in the booking meetings to have my back. One day I said to Dusty Rhodes, I go, ‘Why am I getting the sh*t kicked out of me? You know, in the ring?’ He goes, ‘You don’t have no friends in the booking meeting.’ I said, ‘What?’ And I looked at him as if he’s one of my friends and he goes, ‘Like I said, you have no friends in the booking meetings’ and walked away. So you gotta kiss somebody’s ass, an agent’s ass for them to bring your name up in the booking meeting. They go, ‘We need somebody to do this.’ ‘Hey, how about somebody I know?’ But there’s nobody to do that and just threw me to the wayside.

** caught up with Lana for an exclusive interview. Lana told the site that while she was managing Miro (Rusev) in WWE, she also wanted to manage Nia Jax.

I feel so many things about it because I think when I first met Nia in 2014, I instantly… At the time I was managing Rusev and I was like, ‘Man, I want to manage this girl. This girl, I mean, gosh, she’s going to be a killer.’ I wanted to manage her, I wanted to go into the story with her. It’s interesting that years later, I’m in a program with her and we’re telling compelling stories and we’re telling stories that people are talking about and are trending every week and that I am so blessed for it and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

I think the importance in wrestling and in WWE and entertainment as a whole is being willing to evolve, being willing to take whatever opportunity is given to you and try to make a goal. I think that’s what we’re doing every single week and I’m excited and I hope it keeps on going. I think we’re just starting to scratch the surface and yeah, I mean, I know that she’s trying to compete with my TikTok by putting a lot of TikTok dances out. You never know what could happen.

** For International Women’s Day, Bianca Belair joined The Female Quotient’s ‘Equality Longue’ panel. She explained how helpful Naomi has been throughout her time in WWE and referred to Naomi as a leader.

As an adult, before I got into WWE, I went to my very first live event, wrestling live event. I remember seeing Naomi and I saw myself being a wrestler because I saw myself in her and it was just inspiring and it was motivating to me but also, when people call women leaders, a lot of times it’s because of what they represent or what they accomplish. But for me, Naomi’s a leader to me too. Not just because of what she did for me before I met her but what she did for me when I actually met her and experienced her and interacted with her. Sometimes, women, we — because there’s not a lot of opportunities for us, we tend to fight each other for the opportunity. When I came in, she embraced me, she took me under her wing, she wanted me to succeed just as much as she wanted to succeed and that was empowering for me. It wasn’t this feeling of competition. ‘You’re just my competition’ and that’s it. We were each other’s competition but she still embraced me and to me, that’s how she showed leadership to me and she taught me how to also embrace other women that came into the business after me as well.

** Computer software company ‘DataGrail’ announced that WWE is now a customer of theirs.

** WrestleZone spoke to Ashley Vox to promote Limitless Wrestling’s ‘Double Vision’ show on March 19th. On the topic of possibly getting signed, Vox said she hopes that offer would come from All Elite Wrestling.

My goal for Limitless has always been the main title, but with , I wouldn’t say that’s like my goal. I work at a brewery in Massachusetts named Trillium and I’m really happy being there. I don’t want to move to Florida, and I’m just happy where I’m at. And if I get signed, I would hope that it would be with AEW because I just love the environment there.

** MLW talent Zenshi was a guest on the Lucha Central Weekly podcast. Back in 2012 during a match for Beyond Wrestling, Zenshi cracked his skull trying to execute a double moonsault. He reflected on that moment and what went wrong that led to the injury.

Back in 2012, September 30, 2012 so this is maybe two-and-a-half-years and this is in Beyond Wrestling, my debut in Beyond Wrestling. We got this opportunity. WWA4 showcase match for our school. Myself versus Baron Black, you might have seen him on AEW Dark recently in the last couple of weeks. He trained with me as well. He came right in with me at the school and Fox got us an opportunity at this up and coming place called Beyond Wrestling, and that match lives in infamy because at the end of that match, I went for a double moonsault and under rotated and broke my skull, cracked my skull. You’ve probably already seen the video and don’t even know it was me. That video went viral. Millions and millions and millions and millions of views. Edge has seen it, Beth Phoenix has seen it, Tommy Dreamer, Matt Hardy. Like I’m sure Vince McMahon himself has seen it. This is before the mask. Tosh.0, World’s Dumbest, Ridiculousness. Like I could be famous off of that if I went that way.


** On the latest ‘American Brain & Brawn’ show, Lacey Evans said that she plans on attending WrestleMania 37 in Tampa, Florida to support her co-workers. Lacey and her husband are currently expecting a child.

I mean, yeah. I’ll be there to support those hard-working men and women in the WWE. I love my job and as long as — you know, WWE’s big on safety so of course they’re going to make sure that I can attend with a safety factor and everything will be fine if I can. So we’ll see, but yeah, I’ll be there to support the men and women regardless of where I have to be. But as far as running out in the ring and belly flopping, there will be none of that this go-round sir.

** Daily DDT ran their interview with Adam Cole. He gave his take on the ‘size argument’ that has come up when his name is thrown into potential marquee spots outside of the NXT brand. Cole says that conversation no longer matters to him.

The size argument to me, especially since I’ve been doing it for so long, it no longer matters to me. From the moment I started training and wrestling on the independents, people had made comments about me being on the smaller side. It’s something that I’ve just battled with and dealt with my entire career. The awesome thing has been, and it’s just based on past experience, pretty much every single company I’ve gone into, I’ve excelled and been their champion and hold that championship for a really long time. The fans have taken to me and things like that, so from that sense as far as internally, it doesn’t affect me at all.

** Wrestling Inc. has an interview up their site with O’Shay Edwards. O’Shay is currently a part of Ring of Honor and was recently added to the company’s roster page. He said he wants to spend the rest of his career in ROH.

Phone is open guys. It has been no secret that Ring of Honor is where I needed to be. It’s no secret Ring of Honor is where I strived to be. I put that out in the universe as what I wanted to do. At the end of the day, there are people above me making these decisions. I have to make sure at the end of the day I take away every reason for them to say no. That way it’s a unanimous yes.

I would like to spend the rest of my career there because it’s where I want to be and getting to work with guys like Jay Lethal, Shane Taylor, Kenny King and Jonathan Gresham. These are the guys I always want to work with. To be in the room with them as more than another guy. It means a lot. That’s a feeling I’m not ready to give up just yet.

In 2020, Edwards came out as bisexual. He feels that wrestling has allowed him to fully embrace himself and added that he has not seen one negative response to him coming out.

Wrestling allowed me to be who I wanted to be. That’s what wrestling is all the way around. You get to be the one person you’ve always wanted to be. I always knew who I was, but I was never afforded the opportunity to express it. I loved being a fireman. I was in the middle of a career. Not a great time for me because I knew who I was in the room with. Reading the room becomes important and is a very underrated skill.

Those who needed to know, knew. But that wasn’t the time . It wasn’t until I was able to mentally explore who I was before I could finally come out there and live my truth. Since then it has been one of the greatest things. There hasn’t been a single negative word. If there has been, it hasn’t been told to my face. At the same time, I had people come up to me thanking me. It’s hard. I understand, but it gets better. It doesn’t define you. I’m still trying to make it like everyone else. I’m just out. That’s it.

** IWTV Independent Wrestling Champion Lee Moriarty spoke to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and gave his take on the public comparing him to Daniel Bryan. Moriarty feels humbled by the comparison and is just focused on becoming the best he can be.

Over the past year, I’ve been compared to Bryan Danielson a lot. It’s such a humbling comparison and not one that I would expect. While he was on the independents, that was his focus–becoming the best. He wasn’t racing to sign a contract. If a contract comes my way, that’s one thing, but my focus is on what happens in the ring.

** Sami Zayn chatted with George Stroumboulopoulos on The Strombo Show.


** Natalya’s latest column for the Calgary Sun was dedicated to SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Here’s an excerpt from that piece which includes quotes from Sasha:

Sasha’s WWE success has also opened other doors for the future WWE Hall of Famer as well. Most recently, she made a huge leap as she joined the Star Wars franchise on the hit show, The Mandalorian.

Just as she has in WWE, Banks aimed to fulfill her big screen dreams. “It shows me that my dreams are never too big. It’s nice to show that the women of WWE can show up and also show out in Hollywood, to kick butt in two of the biggest franchises and universes in the world: Star Wars and WWE. It’s a dream come true.”

You can catch Sasha Banks every Friday night on SmackDown and on the grandest stage of them all at this year’s WrestleMania. Girl power, at its finest.

** Prior to the 3/10 edition of NXT on USA Network, Adam Cole chatted with ‘Metro’ and shared his thoughts on the idea of a two-night NXT TakeOver.

God, of course! If that does end up going down and that does happen, that just means NXT has two nights to prove how good of a brand we are. So we’ll see – if that does end up coming into fruition, I’ll be just as excited as everybody else, I’ll tell you that!

** Damian Priest told SunSport that his Mount Rushmore of wrestling is The Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

** Anthony Bowens was a guest on F4WOnline’s ‘Left My Wallet’ show.

** caught up with Nikki and Brie Bella.

** Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp conducted an interview with Ashely Vox. Vox was a part of the National Wrestling Alliance and this interview was recorded prior to the announcement that the organization is starting back up. Ashley said she’d love to be a part of it again.

Absolutely. If they come back, yeah. I’m down to be a part of it. I’m not under contract. So, any big place that asks me to come and work, I’m going to take that opportunity. It was a good mix. It was good because we had Melina as a vet and Thunder Rosa whose been wrestling for years on the independents, but also has done Lucha Underground and other stuff. Then you have up and newcomers like Tasha and I. We have a couple years in, but we’re not that level high of years.

** Chris Bey was a guest on Mega Ran’s podcast.

** Tyrus, the former Brodus Clay will be a part of the National Wrestling Alliance’s ‘Back for the Attack’ pay-per-view on March 21st.

** Jonny McCambridge of ‘News Letter’ published an article about the time he got to see Giant Haystacks wrestle live. He and his friends were chased out the locker room area by Haystacks because the children continuously banged on his door after he signed their autographs.

** Former two-time WWF Women’s Champion Wendi Richter spoke to WrestleZone for an exclusive interview.

** Hiroyuki Suzuki of Niigata Pro Wrestling will be working more regularly with Big Japan Pro Wrestling going forward.

** Mike Parker’s virtual Pro-Wrestling Mini Museum was spotlighted by News Channel 8.

** Gabriel Kidd’s latest blog post for

** talkSPORT chatted with Drew McIntyre.

** Black Taurus turned 34-years old on 3/11.

** Calvin Tankman was a guest on The Wrestling’s Cool Podcast.

** Darren Paltrowitz spoke with Ace Austin.

** Ring of Honor’s Tracy Williams joined Jason Powell on the Pro Wrestling Boom podcast. Tracy also did an interview with Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald.

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