POST NEWS UPDATE: Kona Reeves had surgery for torn labrum on 3/14, talks return timetable

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** NXT talent Kona Reeves was a guest on Dan Matha’s ‘Spark In The Dark’ podcast. Kona has been in attendance at recent NXT, RAW and SmackDown tapings as a member of the crowd but he revealed that back in March, he had surgery for a torn labrum in his shoulder and detailed how the injury happened.

“I am, I am .

I had five anchors put inside of there. I was taking a clothesline in the six-man that we were in, over the top rope and I was coming down. My shoulder hit the apron pretty hard and just whoop. Popped out and I could tell right away. I remember you came up to me and you’re like, ‘Yo! Kona! What’s up man? You good?’ I’m like, ‘Nah dude, I think my shoulder’s out.’”

As far as a return goes, Reeves has been told that in about a month, he can get back in the ring to train and two months from now, he’ll be cleared to return if all goes well in between now and then.

“I am looking forward to coming back. They said maybe a month from now, I can probably start getting back in the ring and then two months I’ll be cleared. So, I’ve just been on the grind right now man.”

Reeves feels that the no-fans environment would be a good setting for him to thrive in. He stated that March was the best time to get the surgery done but he also wishes he hadn’t gotten it done because this environment would suit him well character-wise.

“So it was the best time to have the surgery done. I mean I wish I didn’t have it because I feel like I would flourish right now, how they’re filming RAW, SmackDown, NXT because there’s no fans in there and there’s all these people — I feel like my entertainment would flourish in this environment because you get to see more of me.

With no fans, you get to actually hear me talking in the ring, you get to see who I really am. That’s what I think is really cool with no fans in there. You get to really see somebody come out and you get to hear them talk on TV because there’s not that many fans screaming, they’re not making much noise. It’s more intimate I would say.”

** ran a story about a potential restart for the organization as the world is still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The article featured comments from MLW founder Court Bauer and he stated that he’s spoken to a some of the “sharpest” minds at John Hopkins’ school of medicine and he’s also reached out to New Japan Pro-Wrestling about how they’ve handled the pandemic.

“I’ve been very encouraged by how the UFC, NBA, the NHL, Top Rank Boxing and DAZN Match Room boxing have managed operations as they restart. We’re also seeing TV and film start back up in certain regions in a cautious manner and that’s the mindset you need to operate with during this moment in time: caution. We are speaking with some of the sharpest minds at Johns Hopkins University & Medicine on a restart and talked with New Japan’s people on how they’ve approached it – and they’ve done an incredible job… we also engaged some of our athletes who have completed outside of MLW during the pandemic to see what worked, what didn’t and what could be improved upon. It’s very important to gather as much information, advice and medical analysis as possible and that’s what we’ve been doing. That analysis gives you the best ability to do your job and navigate the next steps in examining a restart.”

It’s noted in the article that a timeline for the restart is expected to be announced this month.

** Former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion and Mae Young Classic competitor Vanessa Kraven shared that she’ll no longer be wrestling. She noted that she may show up to shows to support but will no longer be actively performing.

** SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley was a guest on the Swerve City Podcast with Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Teasy. During their conversation, Bayley talked about the competition level between herself, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair and how throughout the years, they’ve all supported one another but always wanted to be one step ahead of each other also.

“I think the competition is what made us stand out or what made us get to the level that we did. It was like Charlotte and Sasha were main-eventing shows for a long time. Sasha’s the champion in this picture so it’s like, obviously, we love each other and we’re there for each other but it’s like, ‘Damn, I wish I was in that title picture with you or I wish I had the title’ so it was always friendly but in your mind, ‘Dude I’m better than you and I know that I am. I just need the match to prove it, I need the opportunity to prove it’ but that was in all of our heads and we all knew it. It’s not like we were talking sh*t… I don’t know if we were like talking crap behind each other’s back or anything. We knew what we were there for and that’s what I think made it awesome because I think Becky and I at this time were kind of the underdogs of the group whereas like…

We were always the underdogs and we didn’t know why. The fans — we were the biggest babyfaces I think. Becky was getting great reactions. It took her a while, it took me a while character-wise but, we were always just trying, trying, trying, trying but once Becky got that match with Sasha at one of the TakeOvers and I had matches with Becky and Charlotte and stuff. It just took time but it was — I don’t know. We all needed each other for sure.”

Bayley recalled some of the female talents on WWE’s main roster being envious of the time and character work that was given and put into the women’s division in NXT. She mentioned Natalya talking to her about the spotlight that was put on NXT’s women’s division at the time.

“As far as the girls, I remember Natalya just like, she would always talk about — because she would come be on the shows. I’ve teamed with her a bunch but she’s like, ‘Yeah, you guys get so much time and you get the opportunity and the TV time to tell these stories’ and you could tell that some of the girls on RAW or SmackDown are like kinda jealous and being like, ‘Damn, but you guys get that time. That’s what is so awesome and that’s why the fans love it’ and it’s like, ‘Yeah we do. I don’t really know what to tell you. I’m sorry.’ It’s not like they were mad at us for it. It was like they were jealous of it. It’s like, ‘Damn, I wish we could have that,’ and it took a long time but I think once it started catching on and TakeOvers and all that stuff. I don’t wanna say it was just us. Obviously it’s not us four but we were a thing and we relied on each other a lot.”

** According to PWInsider, the next NXT TakeOver event is scheduled for October 4th. NXT’s forthcoming TakeOver is taking place on August 22nd and recently added to the show was a singles match between Adam Cole and Pat McAfee.

** Sugar Dunkerton filed a trademark for the “Pineapple Pete” name on August 2nd.

** Ring of Honor posted a video to their YouTube channel of James “Kamala” Harris appearing at Supercard of Honor in 2009.


** Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was ranked #1 in Forbes’ highest paid actors of 2020 list.

** Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated spoke with MVP about the new contract that he has signed with WWE. While speaking about what Vince McMahon expects from his talents, MVP explained what he’s learned throughout his years under the WWE banner and what McMahon liked in the early 2000s and what he likes now.

“That’s an interesting question. Vince is very demanding. I’ve always said this about Vince–he’s hard, but he’s fair, with me, for sure. I remember when I first got called up to WWE and I was doing segments with Matt Hardy in our feud, Vince pulled us to the side and said, very specifically, ‘When we’re doing these segments, I want you guys to be very involved. I want you to participate.’ Up until then, I thought my role was as talent, so I didn’t know I was allowed to do that. But Vince was the one that opened that door for me, so I took a more hands-on approach. WWE is the NFL of pro wrestling. It’s the biggest, strongest platform in the industry, so to be able to learn from Vince McMahon, I was able to take those skills to other places and continue to grow. Coming back now, I understand what Vince wants and how he wants it. And Vince is a perfectionist. Good enough is not good enough for Vince. His influence has been huge. I’m a go-getter, and I want to be involved with the segments I’m in, and I want to make sure that I’m on the same page with the other talent so that your viewing experience on Monday Night Raw is the best that it can possibly . Those are things I learned from Vince.”

MVP shared high praise for both Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin of The Hurt Business. MVP wants to see both Lashley and Benjamin hold championship gold and he’d love for The Hurt Business to appear on SmackDown and NXT.

“Bobby is the prototype. Let’s be realistic, when you go down the list of WWE wrestlers, how many guys in real life look better than their action figure? Lashley is probably the only one. And to that point, I like what The Hurt Business is doing and yes, Lashley and Shelton should both have titles, no question.

I don’t know what the creative direction is, but I would love it if The Hurt Business would show up on NXT and I would love it if we showed up on SmackDown and broadened the horizons of our brand. Whether it’s the WWE title, whether it’s the Universal title, both of those titles would look great on Lashley, whether it’s a temporary crossover on SmackDown or if it’s an invasion where The Hurt Business just shows up and takes it.”

The former WWE United States Champion further dove into his praise of Shelton Benjamin. MVP stated that Benjamin feels that people have forgotten about how explosive and good he is and that Shelton also feels that he has something to prove.

“I can tell you right now, Shelton’s last year or two have been less than exciting. He’s had lots of great matches, he’s had some dynamic matches with Cedric Alexander on Main Event, but people haven’t really seen them. I know personally that Shelton Benjamin has a lot to prove. He feels that maybe some people have forgotten how explosive and dynamic and special an athlete he is. To know the fire that is burning in his belly, and what he needs to accomplish to make people remember, ‘Hey, Shelton Benjamin is that dude.’

Shelton Benjamin is more than a guy flying off a ladder at WrestleMania. Shelton Benjamin is one of the greatest athletes ever to pass through the gates of the WWE, and I know that he wants everybody to remember why he is so great. I look forward to being with him every step of the way as he makes everybody remember who and what Shelton Benjamin is all about.”

** Shotzi Blackheart shared that her vehicle was stolen from her apartment parking lot in Orlando. The car contained her ring gear. She joked that when viewers see her wrestling in street clothes, they know why.

** Eric Bischoff recently appeared on AEW Dynamite to moderate the debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy. Bischoff took to his 83 Weeks podcast and reflected on his experience backstage at Dynamite and what he picked up from his time there.

“When I went backstage at AEW two weeks ago, the first thing I noticed was, ‘Wow, these guys are actually having fun laying their sh*t out. These guys are actually having fun trying to figure out how to lay a match out in a way that not only entertains the audience obviously, but advances their story’ and you could tell. I could hear some of the conversations. Not that I was eavesdropping but sometimes you can’t help it. I was walking by and it’s like, ‘These guys are working hard to get each other over. They’re not just working hard to get themselves over’ which you have to do. But when you get to that point and you’re coming at it with a frame of mind that, ‘Okay, how can I make my opponent look better than me’ and your opponent is looking to do the same thing, that’s when the magic happens, and the freedom to do it so, can’t say enough good things about the talent, the energy backstage, the hospitality, the professionalism. It was really a great experience for me. If I never step in front of a camera again, if I never go backstage again anywhere, even to say hi to anybody, it’ll be okay for me. Sure I’d look forward to doing it and all that. I’m not saying I’d never want to do it again but if it were to happen, I’m glad that my last experience kind of in a backstage environment, watching a bunch of young talent, fresh talent, hungry talent that believe they can make a difference, that energy is something that I walked away with and if that’s the last experience I have, it will be a great one.”

Eric Bischoff also spoke highly of AEW President Tony Khan. Bischoff stated that on top of Khan being a great businessman, he’s also a good producer. Bischoff mentioned that-that’s a department he went the wrong direction in as far as his tenure with WCW and that was putting people in positions that are for him and expecting them to work the way he would’ve.

“That was really interesting. Now I got to meet Tony, because of you . You put us together to do a thing on Patreon and I enjoyed talking to him, talking to him then, but when I was backstage, it was most noticeable for me and I hope Tony doesn’t mind me saying this — I doubt that he would but, in case you do Tony, I apologize. Okay, I’m just gonna use my best judgement here. But while I was getting ready to go out — we’ll call it a Gorilla Position but, when I was standing backstage ready to be introduced for the segment, I was within an earshot of Tony when he was at the Gorilla Position on monitors and couldn’t help but overhear Tony talking to probably Keith Mitchell in the truck, somebody in the truck. I’m assuming it was Keith. Tony’s into this. Tony’s not just the guy with the checkbook. Tony’s not just the guy with the checkbook that’s also a big fan. Tony’s the guy with the checkbook who’s a big fan, who’s also a good producer, and more importantly, loves producing. Therein lies the magic. His passion in the product, he’s obviously a very intelligent and experienced businessman. Check those boxes but when you have passion and you like producing and you’re willing to grab it by the balls as opposed to putting someone else in that position and hoping that they’re going to do the work that you want them to do, and by the way, that’s what I did to a large degree. That’s a mistake that I made to a large degree as I put other people in positions that I probably should’ve had a much larger control of myself so that’s why I’m pointing this out. Tony is grabbing this thing by the balls. What he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for in passion, intelligence and enjoyment of what he’s doing and taking control over it. He has a lot more control over what’s going on than I assumed. Not knowing him, just assumed that he did so that was a fun thing to watch.”

** Jon West, the promoter of the ‘Black Wrestlers Matter’ event on August 22nd in Iowa did an interview with Philip Lindsey of Daily DDT. West talked about having ACH on the card and how if anybody is a perfect fit for the show, it is ACH.

“Oh, I feel like if anybody was perfect for this show, he’s the perfect person for this show because he knows exactly what black wrestlers have to go through in like big companies like WWE or anything like that. I feel like getting him was the nail we needed to let people know that, ‘Hey, we’re serious about this. It’s not just a regular indie show. This show is going to be kind of bigger than that.’ Right now, like, I feel like a lot of people still think this the perfect person to represent that.”

** Josh Barnett spoke with talkSPORT to discuss RAW Underground. Barnett says there have been a number of people from WWE that have checked out Bloodsport shows and he’d be more than open to invite Shane McMahon to come see a show and pick up a few things.

“I haven’t seen Shane McMahon there, but I do know WWE people are very familiar with Bloodsport and they have been at our shows before – and welcomed, actually! We’re glad to have them there.

William Regal was at the first show we did. I was proud to be able to host him and I’d be happy to have Shane, or anybody from the WWE to one of our shows.

It takes a special kind of understanding and knowledge to put such a thing together and to find the right athletes. In this day and age of wrestling, there just aren’t that many guys, even on the wrestler side of things, that have the right training or know the strong style and street style elements as well as I do. I was training under the likes of Billy Robinson and Karl Gotch as a shooter.

I don’t blame them for not putting something together at the level we do, but I like it that it exists at least.”

The former UFC Heavyweight Champion listed off a few names who he think would thrive in a shoot-wrestling environment and on his list included Chad Gable, Bronson Reed, Daniel Bryan and Shelton Benjamin.

“I think Jonah obviously.

Dolph Ziggler is a guy I would take, Daniel Bryan as well but, honestly, I don’t think it would take much training to get him ready! He’s been doing this for a very long time.

Another one would be Chad Gable. Even Eric Bugenhagen. Walter for sure, and Alexander Wolfe. Both guys that have spent time training with me.”

As far as a return for Bloodsport, Barnett stated that he and those involved with the show are working hard to figure out a way to bring the show to audiences this year.

** Ringsiders Wrestling welcomed Jimmy Jacobs onto their podcast. Jacobs, a member of the IMPACT Wrestling creative team, revealed that it was Rosemary who initially came up with the idea for the Wrestle House segments for IMPACT’s weekly show on AXS.

“Rosemary had an idea just about some story and something they could do in some match or something. I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, but do you have any real out of the box ideas?’ And she goes, ‘Well…’ she initially called it Quaran-TNA. Like ten to 12 wrestlers end up getting quarantined in a house together and she had that idea back in April or March and I really liked it so it took a bit of time to hammer it out and work out the kinks and see how we wanted to do it, if we wanted to do it and how we wanted to present it and I’m glad we got to pull it off so, it was kind of her initial idea.”

** New Japan Pro-Wrestling released a schedule for the participants who’ll be in the 2020 G1 Climax tournament that kicks off next month. Due to Coronavirus concerns, the number of wrestlers at the G1 events will be limited. B block tournament entrants will not compete on A block nights and vice versa throughout the tour.

** Here’s the newest episode of AEW Dark:


** Matt Sydal appeared on the ROHStrong podcast and revealed that he was asked to be a part of the ROH Pure Title tournament. Ring of Honor was scheduled to kick off said tournament prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and according to Sydal, they’re reaching out to talents again about participating in the tournament.

“Ring of Honor is putting together something very special and I’m honored to announce that I will be a participant of and let’s just call me the number one seed of the Ring of Honor Pure Title tournament. Details on the tournament and who’s in it are upcoming and I don’t know what else is going on but they asked me if I was willing to participate and to be a part of what’s going to be a groundbreaking, revolutionary tournament and I thought, ‘Oh yeah, give me this challenge’ because I was in Ring of Honor when the original Pure Title was there and I remember just watching Nigel McGuinness and Chad Collyer steal the show with their technique and I feel like it’s the perfect fit for me and to go into Ring of Honor with a goal of becoming champion is one of the things I haven’t always had, and so now I can see myself and visualize myself as the new Ring of Honor Pure Champion. I am great in tournaments and I really feel like this is a very favorable condition for me to return to Ring of Honor on. Now believe me, I still want my Past vs. Present match, tag match. I wanna run that, but I don’t wanna be considered the past. To me, if you’re not at the crisp of the wave of wrestling, you’re nothing and I will show the entire world that what I do can not be duplicated and that Matt Sydal is a visionary, high-flying wrestler that can be your Pure Champion.”

Sydal also spoke about how one becomes a main player in a pro wrestling organization. He explained that it comes down to experience and being set up to be the next guy. Sydal feels that if he were to return to WWE, it would be impossible for him not to be in a top position.

“There’s only room for two guys at the top. So, for me, now’s the time where I’m the top guy. If I go back to WWE today, that push or whatever you wanna call it, it would be impossible for me not to be in that role because that’s where I’m at in my career.”

** Here’s the newest upload to Rusev’s YouTube channel:


** The newest episode of OVW television is their return to live shows with fans in attendance.


** Rob Van Dam was a recent guest on the ‘Last Minute Wrestling Podcast’. RVD recounted a time when he was a part of WWE and CM Punk being the locker room leader. RVD stated that he was confused as to why Punk was calling locker room meetings because the last time he was there, Punk was fairly new in the company. RVD jokingly added that he could’ve bumped Punk out as locker room leader.

“CM Punk who… it seemed like he just — I don’t even remember being around that long before I left and I left and then when I came back, CM Punk’s telling everybody that he’s calling a locker room meeting and I was like, ‘What? Who the f*ck is he?’ He was like a new guy and he’s calling a locker room meeting and I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ And he was like, ‘It doesn’t have anything to do with you’ and I think he did it twice. I think once was because somebody was allegedly stealing — it happened a couple times when I was there, when they said the boys were stealing from the boys. It was position like that. It was like, ‘Dude I’m sure I could bump this guy out of locker room leader if I really wanted to do it.’ I don’t get it.”

In December of this year, RVD will have turned 50-years old. He stated that he does not plan on wrestling past 50 but said he still enjoys performing.

“I don’t get as excited about it, about anything really. But, yeah, I could see wrapping it up — I’m gonna be 50, well this year, almost next year, December 18th. So I doubt at this point that I’ll be wanting to wrestle past 50. I don’t know. I still enjoy it though. It makes me stay in condition. I love showing off in front of the crowd…”

** Tony Schiavone interviewed TNT Champion Cody ahead of Cody’s title defense against Scorpio Sky on the 8/12 AEW Dynamite.


** A virtual UFC fight card is being streamed on August 14th on ESPN2. Idris Elba, Tyson Fury, Kenny Omega, The Bella Twins, Spice Adams, Action Bronson, Max Holloway and Hannibal Buress will be a part of the fight card.

** Pat McAfee talked about his forthcoming match against Adam Cole at NXT TakeOver: XXX during his podcast.


** For the newest installment of Arn Anderson’s podcast, he and Conrad Thompson covered the SummerSlam 2010 pay-per-view. During their chat, Arn talked about members of The Nexus and their respective careers after their loss at SummerSlam. While specifically speaking about David Otunga, Arn feels that a reason why WWE kept him around without using him was that they were hopeful that his then-wife, Academy Award winning actress and artist Jennifer Hudson would one day sing the National Anthem at a WWE event.

“I think the attraction was his look, the fact he had been to law school. The biggest of ‘em all was who his wife was , mega star and I believe, maybe off but I don’t think so. One of the biggest wish list things or one of the things the company was hoping for was that at some point, his wife was gonna sing the National Anthem at WrestleMania. Would’ve been another good reason to keep David around and take care of him and keep paying him. Seems like a natural fit. Well, she has a record label that might not want to associate her with wrestling, who knows? These are just speculations on my part but I feel like that’s probably what the wish list was and that was never gonna happen but they kept him around, kept him around but in the process, he wasn’t getting in the ring, he wasn’t wrestling, he wasn’t getting better. During all these periods of time when you see guys going away Conrad, at whatever point in their career it is, but they’re not on TV but they’re still with the company, those guys aren’t getting reps. They’re not going down to the school on their own and wrestling four times a week. They’re basically just sitting home and I don’t know that the company would say that’s the right thing to do or we don’t want you to go down there and get hurt, so if we do need you… I don’t know how that rhetoric goes by but if you’re not wrestling everyday, it’s the only thing you can do to stay in ring shape is wrestle. You can pound a Stairmaster all day long, it won’t matter. You can lift weights all day long, it won’t matter. The only way to stay in ring shape is you gotta get in there and wrestle and you gotta do it frequently, you gotta get those reps. Timing and breathing and keeping your body used to taking that pounding, that’s all things only reps will give you, so, those guys that disappear, they’re just sitting home and I think Dave was one of ‘em.”

** Son of Rick Steiner, Bronson Rechsteiner has been waived by the Baltimore Ravens according to ESPN’s Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley.

** Hindustan Times spoke with Indus Sher (Saurav Gurjar & Rinku Singh) of NXT. Gurjar mentioned how when he and Rinku were initially deciding on their characters, they wanted to represent their culture but did not want to come off as offensive or excessive.

** Priscilla Kelly announced on Twitter that she and Darby Allin are going through a divorce.

** Rocky Romero did an interview with Wrestling Inc. and discussed what could happen to the Talk’n Shop podcast if Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows join a faction other than CHAOS upon their return to New Japan. NJPW is strict when it comes to those who are feuding within the company being around one another in public.

“Very serious. There could be something in the future where Talk’n Shop doesn’t happen with Rocky. That’s kinda something we’ll probably have to take on when the time comes because I’m pretty serious about New Japan as well and how the factions run. We kinda did the old one back in the old days but this was before New Japan was privy to all of these podcasts and what we’re doing. So, we kinda did it under the radar. But I don’t know. Obviously, if they’re gonna be Bullet Club and I’m in Chaos, that might be a bit of an issue so we’ll see. I don’t know. I try not to think that far ahead because we still gotta go through so much to get there.

It’s something that we definitely have talked about a lot over the last couple of months. It wasn’t a problem because those guys were in WWE before so we weren’t even thinking about that.”

** Mick Foley wrote a detailed post on his Facebook page about the passing of James Harris, known in the wrestling world as “Kamala”.

** Here’s the full lineup for the NJPW Strong show on 8/14 on NJPW World:

– Clark Connors & Jordan Clearwater vs. Logan Riegel & Barrett Brown
– ACH, TJP & Alex Zayne vs. PJ Black, Misterioso & Blake Christian
New Japan Cup USA Semi-Final: David Finlay vs. Tama Tonga
New Japan Cup USA Semi-Final: KENTA vs. Jeff Cobb

** 2K Games has made WWE 2K18 free to download.

** Stephanie Chase conducted an interview with NXT’s Bronson Reed. Reed, formerly known as “Jonah Rock” told the story of his name change under the NXT banner.

“You know, it’s always hard. You hear a lot of stories about people trying to come up with ideas or inspiration from different names and I just really liked the name Bronson a lot. I feel like it just suited me and suited my personality, suited how I was. There’s a few famous Bronsons I can sort of relate to. Someone like an Action Bronson, the rapper. So that’s where I got that name and Reed was sort of just the last minute sort of thing, to be honest.”

** Aleister Black and Zelina Vega have a new video up on their YouTube channel that takes an in-depth look at Aleister’s style of pro wrestling.

** According to PWInsider, FOX is airing a two-hour special on August 22nd to promote SummerSlam on 8/23. The special is titled ‘SummerSlam’s Hottest Moments’ and it’ll air from 4-6 PM EST in the New York market. Highlights from the first-ever SummerSlam event in 1988 are included in the special.

** XFL Newsroom has a piece up about the new owners of the XFL, Dany Garcia, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Gerry Cardinale of RedBird Capital Partners.

** Sportskeeda has an interview up with Nevaeh of IMPACT Wrestling. Nevaeh shared that she’s hoping IMPACT brings back the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

** WWE posted footage of the aftermath of Ric Flair being punted in the head by Randy Orton on RAW:


** Part five of William Colosimo’s interview with Minoru Suzuki is live on TheMMACommunity site. The questions were translated by Taiki Yamamoto.

** Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald chatted with Georgia Smith, daughter of Davey Boy Smith.

** There’s a ‘Best Of Alexa Bliss’ catalog on the WWE Network.

** Samoa Joe joined Xavier Woods on the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel for ‘Superstar Savepoint’.

** NXT U.K. Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray turned 28-years old today.

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