POST NEWS UPDATE: Sammy Guevara says Sting took 'total blame' for 630 table spot at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II

Originally published at POST NEWS UPDATE: Sammy Guevara says Sting took 'total blame' for 630 table spot at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II

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** There’s an interview with Sammy Guevara that was conducted by Chris Van Vliet. As their chat went on, Guevara was asked about the 630 through the table spot with Sting at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II. He stated that Sting was supposed to move out of the way. Sammy was glad Sting was okay and added that Sting took total blame for it and apologized for not selling Guevara’s move.

So, story about that (630 onto Sting at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II). He was supposed to move. But for whatever reason, either the 630 is too fast or timing, whatever, I landed off. And I remember going through the table, and I feel his body on my back. And I’m thinking, oh, I just killed Sting. Oh no, and like I land, kind of roll off (then I) look at him. And then he pops up like a minute later, you know? And like, finishes the match, because he’s such a pro. But I remember for a minute, I was like, oh no. He took complete total blame for it. He was like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t move,’ whatever. I’m just happy he’s okay. He’s like, ‘Sorry, I no-sold your move.’ And I’m like, ‘Bro, you’re good. You know, like, I’m just happy you’re alive.’

Guevara had Cody Rhodes’ last match in AEW and it was a Ladder match to unify the TNT and Interim TNT Championships. Guevara recalls Rhodes wanting to go ‘balls to the wall’. He does not know if Rhodes knew that it was going to be his last match in the company, but Cody was game for all ideas.

He (Cody Rhodes) was down for everything, he wanted to do so much craziness. This was his last AEW match. I didn’t know at that time, maybe he knew. But he wanted to go balls to the wall like the ending. He wanted to do like a superplex to the outside through a ladder and all this. I’m like, we got to get up and still climb this ladder and yeah, we ended up doing (a) swanton with the ladder that didn’t break, literally broke my back.

** The IInspiration (Jessica McKay & Cassie Lee) invited Harley Cameron onto their Off Her Chops podcast. Cameron expressed that she’s looking forward to eventually making her AEW TV in-ring debut. She had one match on Dark in 2023 and two matches on the YouTube program in 2022. Cameron said it’s been cool being able to present her character on TV before her in-ring debut. Harley closed by saying she’s happy at AEW.

And I honestly I just think in respective goals, I’m just open to everything and anything at the moment. I haven’t even debuted yet which is the funny thing. No, I haven’t had my (AEW TV) debut match and which is funny because I saw this thing the other day that the fans threw up and I’d been on TV — the screen time I’ve had has been exponential and I’m like, oh crap, I haven’t even bloody wrestled yet.

But I’m not gonna lie, I’m excited for the debut to come and I do obviously see the wrestling side of stuff as the next exciting thing. But it’s been very cool because I’ve been able to express my character and do that before that, which is rare.

So that’s been really cool but I mean, I’m super happy there. I just guess I’m focused on the longevity of my career and making the most of it, you know?

** Swerve Strickland heaped praise onto Hangman Adam Page as he was speaking to Jim Varsallone about their Texas Death Match at AEW Full Gear.

Hangman Page is already a phenomenal performer, even though I personally don’t like him at all, but you gotta understand, this is why this guy is in the position that he is. He’s a massive athlete, incredible, just heart and will for this business and me getting in the ring with him, testing his will and pushing his will is what made me special that night (at Full Gear).

** ENCOUNT conducted an interview with former World of Stardom Champion Utami Hayashishita. She reflected on competing in the U.S.A. during the summer of 2023. Hayashishita competed for GCW and Ring of Honor. She said GCW was a test of her abilities due to the promotion having ‘hardcore’ roots. She added that some of her opponents competed in Japan, so they were able to have good matches.

I’ve been with STARDOM for five years, and the only time I competed in another organization was in J.T.O. (January 14th, 2020, Korakuen Hall) against Maika, so I only knew STARDOM… GCW is a hardcore organization, so the atmosphere was completely different, and it was a test of my ability to adapt. But some of my opponents had been to Japanese organizations before, so I think we had a good match.

** While Monday Night Raw was emanating from Wilkes-Barre Township, Pennsylvania in November, former WWE talent Gene Snitsky visited and WWE shot a backstage segment with him and Chelsea Green. Green told Spencer Love of Love Wrestling that she’s known Snitsky for quite some time and he’s always pleasant to interact with.

Oh, he’s awesome (she said about Gene Snitsky). We met years ago at a convention I believe. He is such a good guy to his core and every time that we see each other, it’s always like a really beautiful reunion and it was so nice to see him at Raw and he sees me at the pinnacle of my career, you know, I love it. He’s so nice… It was never his fault (Green laughed).

** Perched On The Top Rope pushed out their chat with Rickey Shane Page. His on-screen and in-ring history with members of the Anoa’i and Fatu family in MLW was brought up. Shane Page said they’re born to wrestle. He then said Jacob Fatu is probably the most naturally gifted and talented wrestler he’s ever been in the ring with.

Yeah, I mean it’s just not fair. They’re just so good, and just naturally (Shane Page said about the Anoa’i & Fatu family members he’s worked with in MLW). It’s really frustrating as someone who has had to work very, very hard to be okay at this, and it’s just like they’re born to do this. Jacob Fatu is probably the most naturally gifted and talented wrestler I’ve ever worked with in all of my years in wrestling. He’s a one in a million and it just blows my mind and yeah, it’s annoying. He just has a punchable face.

** As Tully Blanchard was doing a virtual signing for Captain’s Corner, he expressed that he likes the idea of Charlotte Flair, Tessa Blanchard and Samantha Starr forming a group based off their families’ connection to one another via the wrestling business.

I don’t watch a lot of the products anymore because I stay pretty busy. But, I think that-that would be a very logical, powerful, emotional thing. But, that’s just me (Blanchard said about idea of Charlotte Flair, Tessa Blanchard & Samantha Starr forming a group).

** While speaking to ROAR Around The Ring, Swerve Strickland named Adam Copeland’s AEW debut and Kenny Omega kicking out at one at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II as the loudest crowd reactions he’s heard.

Watching Adam Copeland come in at WrestleDream (was one of the loudest crowd reactions I’ve heard). That was insane. I would say that and Kenny Omega kicking out at one at Forbidden Door was insane too. With (Will) Ospreay, just watching that is like…

** Ahead of his IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship match at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18, El Desperado was interviewed by Rolling Stone Japan. Looking back at wrestling during the no-cheering era, Desperado shared that he felt free in the ring. He feels Shingo Takagi and himself were wrestling the freest as the pandemic was ongoing.

So, it was very freeing not to hear cheers (during the COVID-19 era of wrestling). The audience could not speak, so what I said could be heard by everyone. That’s why I and Shingo Takagi were the freest wrestlers during the Coronavirus pandemic… Of course, it would have been better without the Corona, but thanks to it, I was free.

** Darci Khan, Howard University track athlete, has been selected for WWE’s N.I.L. program.

** Pro Wresting NOAH’s ‘MONDAY MAGIC’ show is returning in 2024 and here are the show dates listed on the promotion’s website: April 1st, April 8th, April 15th and the final episode is taking place on the 22nd of that month.

** Highspots did a Sign-it-Live and Virtual Gimmick Table with Billie Starkz.

** Brad Gilmore welcomed Grayson Waller onto The Collection podcast.

** For the 100th episode of Good Karma Wrestling, ‘Daddy Magic’ Matt Menard joined the show.

** Bryan Danielson returned to The Nikki & Brie Show.

** There’s an interview with Tetsuya Naito in the January 2024 issue of SKY Perfect TV Guide magazine.

** December 28th birthdays: Bobby Gunns, Rina & Hina.

** Phil Strum welcomed Willow Nightingale onto his Under the Ring podcast.

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.