POST NEWS UPDATE: Stokely Hathaway reflects on his work with Samoa Joe in ROH, calls Joe world champion that AEW needed

Originally published at POST NEWS UPDATE: Stokely Hathaway reflects on his work with Samoa Joe in ROH, calls Joe world champion that AEW needed

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** While speaking to Israa of WrestlePurists, Stokely Hathaway reflected on his time working alongside Samoa Joe in Ring of Honor. When he presented the idea to Joe about them pairing up on-screen, he thought Joe was going to tell him off. He added that both Joe and Tony Khan thought it was funny. He talked about doing the tag match with Joe versus The Boys (Brandon & Brent Tate). Hathaway stated that Joe is the AEW World Champion the company needed.

It’s the obvious. I learned a lot from (Samoa) Joe. Joe is or Joe can be a mentor to anyone. I think that is one of the great things about AEW is that you have so many people like Joe. You have a Bryan (Danielson), you have a Claudio (Castagnoli), a (Jon) Moxley that you can go up to and ask advice and they will — it doesn’t matter if it’s a busy day. They will take time out of their day to help you so actually, working with Joe was just phenomenal and it was like a little pitch that I put together and it was funny because I gave it to Joe and I honestly thought Joe was gonna be like, hey man, f*ck off (he laughed). So I gave it to him. He was like, ‘Oh yeah, we could work with this’ and I was like, ‘Oh. What?’ So we brought it to Tony (Khan), he thought it was funny. So the storyline was supposed to have ended with Joe versus Dalton Castle for the Ring of Honor Television Title but, Joe got involved with The Devil so, it kind of just ended with Joe and I versus The Boys which that was kind of fun and yeah, I learned so much from Joe. Just from promos to even just putting together a tag match with him. He’s been a great resource and honestly, he’s the champion that AEW needed so to see him in that position I think is just really cool from a fan and a co-worker perspective.

** David LaGreca and Tommy Dreamer welcomed Becky Lynch onto Busted Open to promote her book. Lynch revealed that she rewrote the book during her WWE NXT run. She did not like what she saw when her editor gave her notes on the first draft, so she decided to rewrite the entire thing.

So I started (writing my book) in 2020… So I would just write down all of my memories. Just like vomit, just word vomit right onto the page but then I would get to harder parts and I would stop… I found anything talking about WWE harder than the private parts because I felt like once I was talking about WWE, you’re talking about people that are in the public eye, so how you represent them is important and that will make a difference. So I would always find that part hard and then I’d go back and then I’d just stop. So, then in 2022, I joined a book writing course with Neil Strauss, and that was very helpful and then I handed in a draft to my editor and then she came back with some notes and I hadn’t actually read it. I had just kind of written it through… like, okay, here’s the end of the book. Then she came back with notes and I was like, ‘Oh, I hate this book. I hate this. I am rewriting the whole book’ and so then during my NXT run when I was the champion there, I like rewrote the whole book on backstage, on live events or TVs, on red-eyes, in hotel rooms. I just rewrote the whole thing and got it to a point where I was really happy and I think more than anything that deadlines are my best friend, and I think with wrestling, we constantly have deadlines so you might not have a match in place, you might not have a promo in place but you’re gonna go live in a few minutes or a few hours and you have to have something, you have to have something. You’re not gonna go out to the ring and do nothing, and so I like those deadlines, I like working under pressure and I think that’s, you know — I was always a crammer in school but I also think that-that helped me writing the book.

** Joining the newest episode of Dylan Postl’s ‘Going Postl’ podcast was Nic Nemeth. Postl a.k.a Hornswoggle remembered an April 2014 SmackDown taping and being told he would work with El Torito on Main Event. Swoggle said the roster found out and went to the ring to essentially laugh at him and Torito while they went over their match. This was before their WeeLC bout. They ended up doing well in the practice session and Swoggle said the only two people that were not making light of them were Nic Nemeth and Kofi Kingston. It made him happy to see they were rooting him and Torito on.

Swoggle: I was surprised that I was finally booked against (El) Torito and it was a SmackDown and so they say, ‘Hey! You guys have never worked together. Dylan, we don’t know if you can work period. We need you to out in the ring and go work with Torito’, who doesn’t speak English at the time and all of that and now the whole roster of course finds this out and the whole roster shows up at ringside to essentially laugh and essentially poke fun at what is going to happen. Until I look in the corner and it’s you and Kofi (Kingston) with your coffee cups, just like grinning ear to ear, not at us, but for us because we’re doing well and it was one of those moments where, we, at that time, we were buddies, but it was one of those moments where I was like, man, them two out of the whole roster wanna see him and I shove it up everyone’s ass and because we knew, I knew why we were put before the show, to mess around, it was for entertainment purposes. It wasn’t for anything other than that and then when we work out stuff and we do halfway decent and we kind of prove everyone wrong, I look over to you two and you’re just smiling ear to ear as a, yep, you shoved it up their ass.

Nemeth: Kofi, he’s the nice version of me but, you know what he’s thinking also and it’s like, we knew our spot and where we were and it’s like, yeah, c’mon, everyone can’t wait to get a good laugh and somebody to fall down or a miscue. They’re almost begging for it and to not get it, you’re like, yeah.

** There was a Q&A session at For the Love of Wrestling (via Monopoly Events) where John Hennigan and Taya Valkyrie were the guests. Hennigan recounted pitching a tanning bed match against Sheamus. He thought Sheamus would come out of it looking like Brother Love.

Favorite match types? You know, for a long time I pitched a tanning bed match with Sheamus. It was gonna be kind of like a casket match but you get closed in the tanning bed and I figured he’d come out looking like Brother Love…

** Joining Aubrey Edwards and Will Washington to record AEW Unrestricted was Harley Cameron. She spoke about aligning herself with Saraya and Ruby Soho and now being featured with Saraya and Zak Knight. Cameron wanted to introduce a new character that was different from what she was doing in QTV.

First of all, I’m just so, so thankful (to have aligned with The Outcasts) because the girls are amazing. I love them and honestly, I’m just still blown away by the fact that I went through the transition of thinking, oh my gosh, my faction’s over. What’s next? Kind of thing and then next minute I’m with two of the most amazing women that I’ve looked up to most of my career and it’s just of like, oh! Pinch me. Is this even happening? So, when everything got put together and approved for me to be with them, I was so excited and they were kind of like, ‘How are we gonna introduce you into this?’ Make it work into the storyline and everything of course and I definitely wanted to have a different approach to my character based outside of what I did in Q.T.V. and I, again, was like, we’re in a company where you can be anything if it works and you do it well and I thought, you know, the best thing possible could be this crazier version of myself. I’m a bit of a ball of energy, a little bit (she laughed)… and we basically were just like, okay, we can kind of roll with this concept and just amplify it and make it a larger-than-life thing for something that already comes organic to me and brainstorming and I think we were sitting down at catering one day kind of talking about it…

** As YoJoshMartinez was interviewing Damian Priest, he asked Priest who he believes is the most underrated talent in WWE. Priest went on to explain why he believes fellow Judgment Day member Dominik Mysterio is underrated.

That’s rough (to say who’s the most underrated person in WWE’s locker room). It’s hard to say underrated when everybody’s a superstar, you know what I mean? You’re in WWE because you are a part of the best. That’s how that works. But, that really is rough because there’s so many good talent that they’re not, let’s say right here, but their talent is there. So I’m just gonna keep it easy and biased. I’ll go with my own crew. I think Dominik (Mysterio) is underrated. I think Dominik, people see him as the guy that was fun to boo him and then he gets in the ring… and they’re like, woah, where did that come from? It’s like, no, he’s good, he’s really good and I think people forget that because they just know the guy that gets booed because it’s fun to boo him and you forget that he can go in the ring and he’s very talented. His improvement since he’s joined The Judgment Day, I mean if you look at Dominik a week before he joined The Judgment Day and you look at him now, it’s a completely different person, and I think people forget about that part too.

** Guest appearing on the Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast were Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne. 

** Scheduled for Revolution Pro Wrestling’s April 1st show is J.J. Gale versus Josh Alexander.

** Generation Of Wrestling conducted an interview with TNA World Champion Moose.

** March 21st birthdays: Killer Kelly & Anil Marik.

** Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling Results (3/21/24) from Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan
– Kzy & YO-HEY vs. Dragon Dia & Alejandro – Time Limit Draw (20:00)
Open the Owarai Gate Championship: Punch Tominaga def. Lingerie Mutoh (c)
– Masaaki Mochizuki & YAMATO def. Kikutaro & Ryo Kawamura
– Kota Minoura & Ben-K def. Takashi Sugiura & Hajime Ohara
– BIGBOSS Shimizu def. Shuji Ishikawa

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.