POST NEWS UPDATE: Xavier Woods not rushing to return, talks Achilles recovery process

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** Xavier Woods guest appeared on Mega Ran’s podcast and spoke about his Achilles tear that has kept him out of action coming up on a full year. Woods explained that he is taking this recovery time very seriously and said that he will not be going through this again if he rushes back only to get re-injured.

“I shall return once I am fully healed, and that’s it… Achilles injuries are nothing to play with. So, it’s not like a broken finger where it’s like, ‘Yeah, I can get it wrapped up and I’m good to have matches.’ I am taking this like the most serious because I feel good right now. I’m not trying to push it or test it beyond its limits and make sure that everything is up to working speed before you even almost see me anywhere, because I can’t do it again. I can’t do it again, I won’t do it again.”

A plus of Woods being out of action is that he’s been able to spend more time with his family. He said that he’s not necessarily rushing to get back to wrestling although he does miss being in the ring.

“And so, getting injured, I got to be home for my second son being born and I’ve gotten to be home the whole time, and it’s been incredible. Like I get to see them every single day so I honestly don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I feel like I was missing a lot of stuff, but wrestling’s gonna come, wrestling’s gonna go. I love it with all my heart, it’s my first love, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do since I was a little kid but, I have children and they need me so it’s not like I’m — of course I’m chomping at the bit to get back to the ring but at the same time I’m like, I’m not gonna rush anything, one, mainly because I don’t wanna get re-injured, because that’s literally worst case scenario. Well, besides being hit by a bus and dying or something… I just watched that on a TV show.”

** Daily DDT chatted with Vickie Guerrero for an exclusive interview. In the article, it’s mentioned that Vickie told the site that she signed exclusively with All Elite Wrestling this week but the terms of the deal were not disclosed. Elsewhere during the interview, Vickie reflected on being a part of the 2018 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble match and expressed her thoughts about Ronda Rousey’s debut after Asuka’s win.

“As far as I think it took away from Asuka winning the Rumble. I think that I felt bad about Asuka not having the spotlight, which she deserves. But that’s their creative decision and I didn’t have a say in anything. I walked away happy with what I did and let them continue with what they wanted to do with Ronda Rousey.”

** David LaGreca and Tommy Dreamer welcomed Armando Estrada onto Busted Open Radio. Estrada was the manager of the late Umaga (Edward Smith Fatu). Estrada told the story of when he and Umaga would work house shows and Umaga would go into the crowd and act as if he was going to throw a chair at fans but one time in Mexico, the chair slipped out of his hands and connected with a fan.

“And Umaga used to do this thing on his entrance where he would walk around the ring on house shows and he would just snarl and look mean at the fans, and sometimes he would grab a chair and he would act as if he was going to smash the fan in the head with the chair, and I would come up from behind and grab the chair to stop him from assaulting the fan and from getting fired and going to jail. Well one day in Mexico, we’re doing this little act, this pre-match act and Umaga goes to swing the chair and the chair slips and he hits the fan in the front row in the head, and instantly, we’re like, ‘Oh my God we’re fired, we’re fired. We’re not going to WrestleMania, we’re not going home, we’re not collecting $200,’ whatever. Umaga and I kinda look at each other like, ‘Oh, what are we gonna do man? We f’d up,’ and I look at the fan and he jumps up and he’s like, ‘Yeah!!!’ And I was like, ‘Are you okay amigo?’ Then I tell Jimmy Tillis or whoever was head of security at the time, I’m like, ‘Bring him some merchandise. Make sure they’re alright, no lawsuits.’ So, that was a close call.”

** Paul “Triple H” Levesque appeared on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ show to challenge Pat McAfee to a match at NXT TakeOver: XXX on behalf of Adam Cole. On the 8/5/20 edition of NXT, McAfee and Cole got into a back and forth that resulted in McAfee punting Cole in the head.

** Daily Star chatted with AEW’s Shawn Spears. During their chat, Spears revealed the concept behind his ‘Perfect 10’ character in NXT and stated that it was built upon something that parents could chant with their children.

“With the Perfect 10 character, it was something that caught fire, but you saw a lot of people go, ‘It wasn’t Spears that was over, it was the number ten.’ Well, the number ten has been in existence for hundreds and hundreds of years! I like to think I maybe just brought it a little more to prominence, but the whole idea behind it at the time was that it was something a 40-year-old father could do with their four-year-old son or daughter. It was an interactive concept and it was something that connected people; families and friends and all that kind of stuff but, in terms of personality and character depth, we really didn’t know much other than that.

Here in AEW and nowadays, gimmicks are few and far between. There are information because I’m now afforded the time and space to do so.”

** WWE filed trademarks for the following names: Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Jordan Devlin, Dexter Lumis and Pete Dunne.

** Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) were the latest guests on the AEW Unrestricted podcast. Marq Quen feels that he and Isiah have not been able to match the caliber of match they had with The Young Bucks in October since that bout took place.

“Yeah, we think it’s a curse now. It’s a curse because now, that’s what we’re known for, and I felt like we haven’t quite hit that match again. Like the oomph from that match,” Quen said.

Regarding their new theme song “Shots”, Isiah Kassidy stated that it was Chris Jericho who proposed the idea of them getting a new theme song. Kassidy also shared that his significant is the voice behind the, “Oh my God, is that Private Party?” at the beginning of their new theme.

“So, we were talking to Jericho. We were talking to Jericho and like, ‘What can we do to better our tag team? What’s the first things to take?’ And he’s like, ‘First off, you need to get a new song, something that fits y’all,’ and I was like, ‘You know what? You’re right?’ So I started listening to different songs and got ideas in my head and my friends were actually rappers and I was like, ‘Hey, what if my friends could produce the song? They could make the song,’ and I actually know a guy who’s a producer that could produce beats. So, we just did our little project, I told him what I’m aiming for. I kinda came up with the lyrics with the chorus. The, ‘Shots, shots, shots’ so we get some crowd participation whenever the fans come back. I told them the chorus, they made the lyrics featuring Delly Daniels, Ricky and Stay – Lo Down. If y’all wanna go check their music out on the side, you can. They made the song ‘Shots’ and then my girlfriend, she made the, ‘Oh my God, is that Private Party?’”

** Karl Fredericks was the latest guest on the NJPW Official English Podcast. Fredericks, who’s in the New Japan Cup USA tournament has his sights set on challenging for the IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Title which is in the possession of Jon Moxley. Fredericks feels that all of New Japan’s titles have a certain prestige to them but the U.S. Title does not have that right now.

“Yeah, that whole thing to be honest bums me out. Just where… I think like any other title in our company that there’s a certain amount of respect and prestige that comes with it and the fact that it’s kinda been on the back-burner bums me out. But yeah, it’s a huge opportunity. If I can pull this off, that’s an opportunity for that. That’s an opportunity to take, again, not only the product and transcend it but I wanna take that title and make it what it deserves to be, and right now as you said, it’s just not exactly that.”

** Darren Paltrowitz spoke with Zicky Dice recently. During their interview, Dice stated that he’s still under contract with the National Wrestling Alliance. Elsewhere in the interview, he addressed the stories that he had issues with others within the NWA and shot those rumors down.

“Let’s get real for a second, I’m still under contract with the NWA and I’ve been releasing and busting my ass but not one post about ‘Outlandish’ Zicky Dice and what he’s been doing. Not one, and do I complain? No. But I’ll say it in this interview and I’ll keep producing more. You can’t slow me down. I don’t care where I’m at. I’m going to create, I’m going to stand out because that’s what I wanna do, and I’m getting married in October, moving across country and something’s gotta happen. Something’s gotta give because I’m starting to lose my damn mind, and I’m being honest, I don’t know what else to create. I don’t know if it’s Zicky Dice isn’t everyone’s flavor or is it simply my sh*t’s just not being seen? I don’t know.”

Regarding the notion that he had/has heat within the NWA organization, here’s what he had to say:

“These dirt sheets, and people are so quick to judge but you know what? You know what? Having my name in the headlines, I don’t care what they say about me. I don’t care and I know where that article came from, I do. I do and I’m not gonna throw him under the bus because he’s got his own issues going on right now, but I know and all I gotta do is continue to work hard because I’m doing the right thing. So if I’ve got heat, if you don’t like Zicky Dice, tough sh*t! I don’t care. I don’t care because I’m gonna keep creating and I’m gonna pass you up and wave to you goodbye.”

** D-Von Dudley welcomed Kofi Kingston onto the Table Talk podcast. Kofi was asked about the public viewing him as the first African-American WWE Champion and not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Kofi feels that it’s “silly” that people don’t associate that accolade with Johnson because he’s half-Samoan.

“And I agree with you too man. I think it’s sometimes kinda silly that people try to not count The Rock in that category because regardless of what you look like, you are what you are, you know what I’m saying? He’s black, whether he’s half-black or full black, he’s black so, but I definitely take a lot of pride in that sentiment like you said. I think for a long time, people of color, especially African Americans have been waiting for someone who looks exactly like them to hold that championship title and I mention it all the time but on Twitter and social media, the moment that happened, I got so many different messages and people in tears. There’s a video of actually Shad and MVP crying.”

** During the most recent episode of the Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross spoke highly of WWE Hall Of Famer Jacqueline Moore and stated that she’s one of the most underrated performers that he’s ever worked with in WWE. Ross added that he hopes Jackie wasn’t underappreciated by fans in her era because of her gender and/or race.

“She was one of the more underrated females — let me take that back. Jackie Moore’s probably one of the most underrated, one of the most underrated individuals that I ever booked there in WWE. She never gets the credit that’s due and you hope that the general public, maybe in that era, that enormous respect was not there because she was a female and a African-American. I don’t know if that’s a fact, I don’t know at all. But if that’s the reason some fans didn’t appreciate what Jackie Moore did then shame on you because you’re ignorant in multiple areas. At least you’re consistently ignorant.”

** Gail Kim chatted with Taylor Wilde on the latest edition of the ‘Wilde On’ podcast. Kim recounted her second stint in WWE from 2008-2011 and Kim stated that in that final year, WWE wanted her to become a trainer for the company.

“So, the second time that I went back, because I’m a big believer in the road that you travel is what was meant to be and so, I look back at my time in WWE to, number one I met my husband the second time I was there so I — I told Johnny Ace, I remember in my last few months of being so unhappy there, I remember being in the production office with him and said, ‘You know, I know the only reason I was meant to come back here was to meet my husband because there’s no other purpose,’ and that alone, satisfies me and made me a stronger woman for sure. I left on my terms kind of in the second run. I walked out and I felt like it was my decision so like I said, it was that closure for yourself because I feel like with them normally, they wanna close that door for you. They don’t like the talent having that upper hand and so, I’m so grateful that I just left and I knew I deserved more. In my mind, I felt like my mind was ticking because I started wrestling late, you gotta remember that. My first bump was at the age of 23 and I was already in my 30s at this point and I was like, ‘My body still feels good. I know I can wrestle circles around these girls right now.’ Like I felt like that because at that time, they were using us as eye candy or whatever, diva walls or whatever and I felt like I had more to give to the business and that’s what I told Johnny and I was like, ‘I have more to give. I don’t wanna be a trainer here,’ because that’s what they were offering at the time. I said, ‘I got years left and I’m not gonna let you guys control my destiny’ and so, that’s what happened.”

While speaking about her current role in IMPACT Wrestling, Gail Kim mentioned that commentator and wrestler, Madison Rayne has been doing some agent work backstage. On the topic of Kim coming out of retirement to face Tessa Blanchard in 2018, she shared some of the requirements that she asked of IMPACT’s creative team if she was going to commit to the match with Tessa:

“I always say a lot of wrestlers are not blessed enough to leave the business the way that they want to and close that door the way that they want to so, I am so grateful for that because I was really afraid to retire because I was so scared of missing it so much. I was terrified to be honest because you see a lot of wrestlers retire and come back, retire and come back and the only reason why I really did that match with Tessa is number one, she was such a great talent and I wasn’t satisfied with my real retirement that happened a year before, only because — it wasn’t because of the wrestlers involved in the match because the girls were great. It was a three-way, number one… there’s no storyline that built up to it so it really was meaningless so, I just felt that I needed to have, for my own closure, a meaningful — and I told Scott , ‘Yeah, I’d love to work a program with Tessa’ and I only had a few requirements. I go, ‘You must have a storyline and it has to be a minimum of two months and it’s only gonna be one match because my body can’t do more than one match’ so, they gave me that and I’m very fortunate.”

** WWE commentator Byron Saxton appeared on WWE’s After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves. Byron spoke highly of the late Dusty Rhodes and recalled the time when Rhodes saved his job with WWE.

“Dusty himself, my God, he saved my job. I mean there was a time in FCW where I know for a fact it was basically me or someone else that was gonna go and I know that Dusty spoke up for me to keep me around so I’m forever in debt to what he’s done for me.”

Before becoming a commentator, Byron was a wrestler and he discussed the new regime coming in that changed FCW into NXT. Byron was told that if he wanted to continue being a wrestler in WWE, that might not be possible but they were willing to slot him into another role.

“And again, I’ve never really talked about this publicly. 2012 was my final match in NXT. We had already transitioned of course from FCW and at the time, I had been in developmental longer than anybody. I was there for five years and change, and this was a time where again, it was a lot of transitioning happening from FCW to NXT. We had a new coaching staff coming in, Bill DeMott funny enough. I come back into the fold and I gathered just from the outside looking in and using what smarts I have I guess, I think the new administration came in and went, ‘Okay, who do we have on our roster here in developmental? How long have they been here? What’s their career trajectory?’ And that ended up translating into a phone call I received one day from talent relations and someone else in a higher-up position will say — hey I was basically told, ‘Listen, if you would like to continue your professional wrestling career with this company, that might not be possible, but if you would like to pursue something behind the scenes, then we might still have an opportunity,’ and that was that and trying to be a smart, forward-thinking businessman, I said, ‘Well, I’m not opposed to learning a new skill’ and part of that is my faith and letting God take control of my life and I knew I still wanted to wrestle. That bug never goes away as you know but I said, ‘It’s a risk. I don’t know where this road’s gonna take me but, if the company is telling me I’m basically gonna be fired if I wanna continue being a wrestler, let me see what this other option is’ and that’s how it came to an end.”

** Xavier Woods guest appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. Woods spoke about his gaming feud with Kenny Omega and stated that he still wants to do an inter-promotional wrestling match with Omega.

“Kenny Omega has been on my YouTube show before and so have the Young Bucks. We have been able to do a Street Fighter Tournament together with a wrestling spin on it of course with the contract signing and cutting promos on each other beforehand. Using video games as a conduit we have been able to do something no one else has been able to do. That rivalry is still going strong today and I’m pretty sure it will never end. I would love to do some sort of inter-promotional match with him one day. The goal is to destroy boundaries. Do things that we aren’t supposed to be doing because people would really enjoy it. Given the right circumstances, I do think it could happen, but we’ll see.”

Xavier Woods recounted some of his experiences with Vince McMahon and mentioned how McMahon was laughing uncontrollably backstage when he first saw Woods with the trombone. Once New Day got to the backstage area, McMahon told Woods to always carry the trombone with him.

“I decided why don’t I bring out the trombone to the ring with me. I may never get another chance to bring it out onto TV with me. Kofi and Big E are having a match and I’m on the floor, as per usual (laughs). So I have the trombone and I’m thinking to myself what would make the guys laugh. I just started randomly playing the trombone during the match and during the commercial break the cameraman walked up to me. He said Vince is dying laughing in the back, he loves the trombone, keep playing it. Vince had tears in his eyes and he was screaming laughing, he loved it that much. When we got to the back he said, ‘Forever, forever, you will always be bringing out the trombone to the ring with you.'”

** The next portion of Hiroshi Tanahashi’s long-form interview with is up on the site.

** Following the #SpeakingOut movement, Insane Championship Wrestling in Glasgow provided an update on the inner workings of their promotion going forward. An official Code of Conduct is being created and all performers and crew will have to sign it. A Code of Conduct for audience members will be displayed at events. A welfare officer, who’s not a part of the roster has been hired and she/he will be accessible by all for any of the needs listed in their press release. ICW is not going to comment on any individual cases because it could interfere with legal proceedings.

** Steel Chair Magazine conducted an interview with IMPACT World Champion Eddie Edwards. Edwards discussed his tenure with IMPACT and why he has decided over the years to stick with IMPACT when he could have tried his hand elsewhere.

“Impact Wrestling has always treated me right. They’ve treated me great ever since me and Davey (Richards) walked in that door. No matter who was in the front office, or creative, in the locker room, I’ve always had a great relationship with the company. They’ve always treated me right, and like I said, it’s something that I believe in. I’ve never wanted to leave. I’ve never felt the need to leave. I’ve never weighed those options because I believe in what we’re doing, and I know that the company’s going to do right by me. Because of that, I know I can go out there, and I can give them my all, and I’ll never feel like I’m being taken advantage of.”

** Ian Williams of VICE wrote a story about Chris and Nancy Benoit which includes clips from their Dark Side of the Ring episode.

** WrestlePro announced that they’re running a show on September 13th in Union, New Jersey and the main event will be a three-way match featuring Brian Myers, Heath Slater and Brian Pillman Jr.

** Fans asked Kota Ibushi for life advice and Ibushi responded to the questions via an article on

** NJPW Summer Struggle Results (8/6/20) Korakuen Hall
– Yuji Nagata def. Gabriel Kidd
– Master Wato & Hiroyoshi Tenzan def. Yota Tsuji & Ryusuke Taguchi
– Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii & YOSHI-HASHI def. Satoshi Kojima, Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma
– Zack Sabre Jr., Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Taichi def. Yuya Uemura, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kota Ibushi
NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship Tournament Match: SHO, Toru Yano & Kazuchika Okada def. Yujiro Takahashi, Jado & Gedo
NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship Tournament Match: SANADA, BUSHI & Shingo Takagi def. DOUKI, El Desperado & Minoru Suzuki

** The following clips are from Booker T’s ‘Hall Of Fame’ podcast:


** Finn Balor joined Renee Young, Booker T and CM Punk for the 1992 SummerSlam watch-along on FOX Sports’ social media channels. Balor was asked about the origins of his ‘Demon’ character and he shared some background about the creation of the character and how Karl Anderson initially reacted to it.

“Yeah, the paint was kinda like a weird idea. It was supposed to be a once-off. I had been working straight, squeaky clean babyface for like six-and-a-half years in Japan and they asked me did I wanna turn heel so I figured, ‘Okay, I’ll take everything away from them that they recognize me as a babyface’ so, Liger had already kinda worn the bodysuit and I didn’t want to change my body too much. ‘Why don’t I just cover it all in black paint?’ And the idea is that the babyface, the ring. It was at Tokyo Dome, it was a big building so like far away, it looks like the babyface is wrestling a shadow. That was where the concept of the idea came from and then, the more I played with it, I found a really good painter to collaborate with in Tokyo and we came up with that first demon character and it was supposed to be a once-off and I thought — I’ll never forget, I told Machine Gun Karl Anderson like months before it happened. ‘Like hey dude, I’m gonna cover myself in paint head-to-toe for the Tokyo Dome’ and he said, ‘Dawg, you’re gonna look stupid. Everyone’s gonna laugh at you. You’re gonna look stupid. The paint’s gonna go everywhere, you’re gonna look like an idiot.’ So, I always rib him on that one.”

** Newsweek chatted with Rhea Ripley and Rhea shared that she feels that the spotlight that was on her heading into WrestleMania has diminished, but she’s aware that she’s had her time to shine and it’ll come around again.

“I feel like diminished a little bit, but we all have to share the spotlight. I had my time to shine and it will come again, but right now Io is the NXT Women’s Champion and I’m working my way back up to be in that spotlight again. Whether that comes or not, we’ll see. I’ve got to try other things and face other people as well. I had my time and everyone is going to have their time and I’m just happy to be here and wrestling and kicking butt.”

** The documentary about Adrian Street, You May Be Pretty, But I Am Beautiful: The Adrian Street Story is available to watch on Amazon Prime and several other streaming services.

** Nyla Rose spoke with Steel Chair Magazine for an exclusive interview. Nyla named Bea Priestley as one of the talents in AEW who she wants to face once Priestley is able to travel back to the US.

“Bea Priestley kind of turned her back on me a little while ago, and I have not forgotten. She’s someone I’ve never been in the ring with. I thought she was somebody I could start to trust, as far as a partner, but she wants to turn things around. I’m looking very forward to that travel ban getting lifted, so I can teach her a thing or two. I don’t know where she’s stuck, but when she gets back stateside, she’s going to be stuck under my boot.”

** Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone conducted an extensive interview with Terry Funk.


** Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp has a Q&A up with the creator of the RetroMania Wrestling video game.

** Alicia Atout chatted with Dakota Kai. Kai reflected on the heel turn that her character has undergone, and she said that it has been a challenge because it’s far from who she is as a person. Dakota added that when the storyline and change of character was initially presented to her, she was a bit apprehensive.

“So when the story got pushed forward to us, I was a little bit apprehensive just because my nature isn’t to be that way. But, if you really dig deep, you can have that sort of attitude I guess, what annoys you, things like that. Tapping into real life… nuances I guess and I managed to tap into I think but it’s quite a challenge. I love challenges so it’s been good and creatively it’s been very fulfilling, just going off on a different route and opportunities that get handed to me and hopefully… I don’t know. I don’t know how I’m doing with it but, it’s fun to do something different and out of the norm for myself…”

** Rusev told the story of when Cesaro accidentally gave him a black eye before his wedding day.


** A clip from The Big Show’s appearance on ESPN’s ‘Pardon My Take’ was uploaded to the show’s official YouTube channel. In the clip, Big Show gave his list of the toughest wrestlers in history.


** Ring of Honor has a video up featuring Joe Hendry breaking down every move in his move-set.

** Ahead of the 8/5/20 episode of NXT on the USA Network, Rhea Ripley chatted with to promote her match against Dakota Kai. Rhea was asked for her thoughts about Charlotte Flair’s return to NXT after winning the brand’s women’s title at WrestleMania. Rhea stated that she did not mind it and it brought a lot of attention to NXT.

“To be completely honest, I didn’t mind it. I thought it was something different and something new, which is always good to have. I think a lot of people learnt from Charlotte and, we’re still learning each and every time we step in the ring.

I believe that it did bring a lot of different eyes to NXT because there’s a lot of people that only watch Raw and SmackDown and they don’t really watch NXT. So to see Charlotte Flair go out on Raw and SmackDown with the NXT Women’s Championship, I think people were very intrigued by that and they’re like, ‘Oh, we got to tune into NXT’ and it different eyes to our product, which we’re always trying to do because we are trying to prove that NXT is the main roster and that’s one way to help prove it. And I think it did help. As much as I wish that I was still NXT Women’s Champion, I guess it just wasn’t my time, at that time.”

** Dakota Kai, Jessamyn Duke and Tegan Nox joined Mia Yim to play ‘Grounded’.


** Drew McIntyre shared his workout routine with Men’s Fitness.

** wXw in Germany shared that last week, they filmed season two of their Shotgun series. The forthcoming season contains 12 episodes and two episodes will be released every release day.

** Isaiah “Swerve” Scott was profiled via the WWEPC YouTube channel.

** Paul “Triple H” Levesque was a guest on the FBE YouTube channel to celebrate his 25 years in the pro wrestling business. Seth Rollins, Shawn Michaels, The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) and Stephanie McMahon sent along special messages to Levesque.


** Sasha Banks did an interview with the Gorilla Position podcast.

** Nikki and Brie Bella recently gave birth to their respective children so the latest edition of their podcast was based around an interview they conducted with Gretchen Rubin.

** Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods’ latest ‘New Day: Feel The Power’ podcast was Q&A-based.

** Kenny Omega joined VENN TV’s live stream to chat video games.

** Mickie James, SoCal Val and Lisa Marie Von recorded a new episode of GAW TV.

** Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson covered the 2010 TNA Hardcore Justice pay-per-view for the latest episode of 83 Weeks.

** Kenny Omega appeared on the ‘Capcom Fighters’ Twitch channel to announce a returning character for the next Street Fighter game and also announced that All Elite Wrestling is collaborating with Capcom Fighters on a new shirt that’ll be on the Nerds Clothing website.

** Alicia Atout interviewed NXT U.K.’s Jinny.

** ‘BanburyCake’ chatted with Drew McIntyre.

** Brandi Rhodes appeared on Vickie Guerrero’s podcast.

** Jim Ross, Taz and Tony Schiavone recapped the 8/5 edition of AEW Dynamite on the All Elite Wrestling YouTube channel.

** Daily DDT has an interview with Rhea Ripley.

** NJPW’s Karl Fredricks was a guest on Wrestling Observer Live.

** ‘Metro’ posted their interview with Drake Maverick.

** Loudwire conducted an interview with Chris Jericho.

** The Miz continued to make the media rounds to promote ‘Cannonball’ on the USA Network and he spoke with KHOU11.

** Matty Paddock of Sportskeeda interviewed Shawn Spears.

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