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A place to discuss the non-wrestling related opinions and subjects that John and Wai talk about during RAR & RAS.

I was compelled to create this thread as I completely agree with John on the subject of cinema’s needing a half-time break during longer movies. I can’t relax with a drink before or during a cinema trip as I don’t want my bladder to kick into high gear during a pivotal scene. The amount of times I’ve had to dash off to the mens and missed key plot points…really boils my piss!

There was one time, fucking years ago now (It was one of the first Harry Potter movies) that I was at a small cinema in Wales and they had a half-time break and I LOVED it. Not only was it great to nip to the loo but I actually bought more popcorn and drink before heading back in. It works for both consumer AND the cinema! I honestly have no idea why cinema’s don’t do this. Total no-brainer.

Yeah here in Europe that is a common thing. We in Germany always have these breaks during long movies.

No cinemas offer that in the UK (at least not that I know of). Heh, that’s one more reason why Brexit is a bloody awful decision I guess.

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Not sure there were breaks before brexit but lets not go down the brexit rabbit hole.

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I have an amazing bladder…so it doesn’t bother me either way.

Sometimes the old school ways are still the best…intermissions would work fine. Especially for theaters selling their overpriced crap at the concession stand.

The new Labour manifesto is going to highlight the fight for a half-time break.

I’m not a big fan of going to the cinema, partly based off how much the food and drink costs, but I would undoubtedly buy double drink,popcorn and hotdogs if there were a break,

I very rarely buy food and drink going into a film because, a) it’s all over-priced, and b) I don’t wanna have to get up to pee once I’m settled in and especially not once the film has started. I’ve got a good bladder for the most part, so as long as I’m not going in after having a drink, I’m pretty good for a three hour sit… but I wouldn’t complain about an intermission at all. At least I’d have the option that way.

I went to see a double feature of the first two Toy Story movies a few years back and went outside with a friend who wanted a smoke break. Got locked out, circled the building to find another way in and nothing. Had to look up the theaters phone number and ask them to let us re-enter. As long as the theater keeps doors unlocked and the intermission is just 10 minutes I’m in favor!