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So I saw this from someone in support of Voices of Wrestling, and thought “Shush your noise, the Post brand is whacking our years of content a week”, however as I can’t be bothered to figure my podcast app out to collect up all the minutes and hours, anyone have an idea on how many hours of content the Post brand has put out since Oct 1st across all its channels?

In October for free (not including UFC or upNXT) Post has given us 8 hours 21 minutes (9:31 with UFC)
With Patreon
13:21 without UFC 14:31 with
With upNXT free

So exclusive content for Post only is 5 hours

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So VOW not quite the best deal in wrestling audio :wink:

I mean I’m not sure what their Patreon costs, the exclusive content is about equal. But Post Brand stuff is the only Patreon stuff I do for wrestling.

VoW is the only other wrestling Patreon I’ve been tempted by, but I don’t know how I’d get through everything Post plus VoW and my non-wrestling podcasts. Also, as much as I respect Lanza’s passion and insights, I don’t know if more than three hours a week of his intensity would be good for my blood pressure.

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Post has the best value out of any wrestling podcast Patreon platform I’ve seen.

The only other Patreon I’ve ever been a part of was for Tony Schiavone’s podcast briefly, but it was a ripoff. I paid 3 times as much as I would here for 2 bonus shows a month that covered just a match or two each instead of the full show.


We’re fans (and patrons) of VOW ourselves. They do great work.


That’s a long con setup to the inevitable VoW vs POST cage match.

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To be clear this wasn’t at all to setup anything of one pod vs another. It’s fantastic to see so many people able to make an actual living on creating supportive content to all of this wrestling. It was purely a very harmless discussion on how much incredible output Post is putting out there.

I also think it’s a valid discussion right now to be having around one thing - people’s time. It’s a mark of extreme value to the film and TV and music and gaming industries and everyone is aiming for it. We’ve just begun the first stage of this new wrestling weekly setup and I’m already fatigued and overwhelmed by it all and at some point we all have to start making decisions on what we do and don’t watch, listen and play on a weekly basis. Podcasts are following that trend and Post are doing an incredible amount of output each week that fills my time perfectly in between all my other life commitments (work, child er and you know living), however I am now having to pull back on other people’s podcast output around wrestling as I simply don’t have that precious commodity - time. Right now there’s always room for many of these to exist and everyone wins, but it’s an interesting future we are heading towards where more output comes out whether it be the wrestling shows or the audio/video shows that review them, and ultimately some will win/lose. I’m a Post Mark through and through so I ain’t heading anywhere.


Would you say they are in your Inner Circle of other Wrestling Patreons along with Wrestlenomics (Wrestling Finance God? )

Do as Vince says and DON’T SLEEP! Sleep is the real competition!


I know!
Between this and the upcoming marvel
Champions LCG I’m left with no free time!