POST Profile audio documentary ideas for John Pollock

I was listening to this year’s MMA Prediction Show and Ariel Helwani asked John on the likely or unlikely chance for him to produce at least two audio documentaries in 2021. John said likely and will push himself to do those. I would like to suggest some ideas and use this thread for other people’s ideas to help John out on what topics he can cover.

Some ideas:

  • The 20th anniversary of WCW being purchased by Vince McMahon and the aftermath (I think the timing couldn’t be more perfect since its coming up twenty years in March and so much can be said on that alone.)

  • The All Japan Pro Wrestling exodus and the creation of Pro Wrestling NOAH in 2000

  • The history of PRIDE FC and Japanese MMA

  • World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) and the those great fights leading to the merging with UFC

  • The classic matches of Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada and how it inspired the creation of AEW

  • The career of Georges St-Pierre

  • The legacy of Mitsuharu Misawa

And there are so many ideas and I may be missing some really big ones. If you’re not aware John Pollock has been developing superb and well-executed audio documentaries on some of the biggest stories in wrestling and MMA. Here are John’s biggest projects:

Owen Hart’s Final Day: A POST Profile

Silva vs. Sonnen - Ten Years Later


This is my favourite PRIDE retrospective:


Forgot about this. lol

Thanks for posting this video, it let my mind see a vision - it was beautiful.

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I love your ideas, @jallonar4040. A couple of others I had:

  • Some key business moments in UFC history and their impact on the company and MMA’s popularity in general, like Zuffa’s purchase or their reality show

  • Brock Lesnar’s path after leaving WWE in 2004…attempting to play pro football, wrestling in Japan, and ultimately MMA/UFC

Oh god that makes me feel old. I remember that Raw/Nitro like it was yesterday.


This is absolutely amazing :joy::joy::joy:

Vince/WWE has owned WCW longer than Ted Turner or Jim Crockett Jr. did. The only person to own that property for a longer time than him is Jim Crockett Sr., who owned Jim Crockett Promotions from 1931-73.

And Vince/WWE has owned ECW more than twice as long as Gordon/Heyman did.

Granted, “owned” and “owned and operated” are two very different things… just some fun facts to make us all feel old.

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I think it’s great. It strikes me as @wai0937 and @johnpollock channeling the best work of Tom Green.