POST Puroresu August 8 Q&A Thread

Next week John and myself will welcome The Eastern Lariat podcast’s Dylan Fox on our show.
On top of discussing the recent big news we’ll be taking your questions and answering them on-air.
Please leave your questions in this thread and we’ll do our best to answer them on-air.
Obviously we’re only taking questions related to the Japanese scene so you won’t hear me answering the hot burning questions about RAW.

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— Neal Flanagan

Outside of NJPW, there seems to be a large number of successful promotions in Japan.

Can you outline the current size and popularity of the notable companies? For example, which are comparable in scale to an indie such as OTT in Ireland, and which are big enough to offer a full-time living to the performers?

Take care.

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  • John Siino, here

Going back and watching old NJPW matches and the first Jingu Stadium show in particular obviously NJPW used to do a lot more ‘death’ matches or gimmicky matches, what was the driving force that changed this and how come NJPW doesn’t do matches like cages, ladders, etc anymore (with the exception of the upcoming KOPW) How are those matches and era looked at now from current NJPW fans, is it similar to how WWE had the “Attitude Era” ?

Cheers, and keep up the good work.

Thoughts on the goat Gabriel Kidd , I’m a huge fan and have been for a while. Would like to know your thoughts on him as a wrestler and what is his ceiling in njpw

Thoughts on the King Of DDT tourney

I can’t stop watching jungle kyona vs Mayu Iwatani am I alone in this or have you guys also watched it as much as I have. I loved it.

Well until next time. Keep killing it.

Do you guys think that NJPW will have to strip Jon Moxley of the IWGP U.S. title again soon because he can’t get across the ocean to wrestle for them at the moment?

Love the show every month guys, take care!

Ratings! Ratings! Ratings! It seems to be all the rage in North American Wrestling. My question is, what is the typical TV schedule for Japanese Pro Wrestling - apologies if I missed this in all the previous episodes - and how do the companies compare in terms of national interest and popularity when it comes to viewership? I’ve always been curious where local audiences find the shows for consumption (is it as simple as just New Japan World?) and again apologize in case I should know this already :upside_down_face:

Also, I know WH hates guys like Kenny Omega and Jay White. I’ve always understood the rise of the non-Japanese wrestler in Japan to be mostly heel personas. Does the disdain for these wrestlers stem from not liking their work, or because they are effective in their heel roles as presented as outsiders to Japan?

Lastly, please pour one out for what would have been a great reunion in New York City this summer :beers: Here’s to hoping we can one day connect in person again, WH!

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How do you see the separation of the IWGP and IC titles happening?

Or since they seem to be defended together, will this lead to a unification and elevation of the US & Never belts?

And, how soon will anything happen? Wait for fully attended shows? Wrestle Kingdom?

What is the main event of January 4th, 2021 and how does Gedo get there via G1 and the fall shows?

Alexander from Portland

I’m curious how the Japanese wrestling fanbase thinks about American professional wrestling.

  1. Do Japanese fans care about American promotions besides WWE?

  2. With Gallows and Anderson supposedly able to work New Japan dates, how do you think New Japan commentary will deal with their affiliation with Impact Wrestling? If Gallows and Anderson become Impact Tag Team Champions, will their titles be seen on-screen in New Japan? Would the average Japanese fan even know that TNA and Impact are the same?

  3. The New Japan/Ring of Honor Madison Square Garden show last year received mixed reviews in America. The New Japan part of the show won acclaim, while the Ring of Honor parts (specifically Matt Taven winning the World Title) weren’t well received. Is this how Japanese fans viewed the event too? Do Japanese fans even care about who is Ring of Honor champion?

What’s WH’s top 3 best and worst wrestling gear/outfit/costume of all time.

Jesse from the 6

If I recall correctly, months ago W.H. said he saw EVIL as a likelier IWGP Champ than SANADA primarily because EVIL came up through the New Japan dojo and SANDA didn’t, ergo EVIL is more “their” guy.
Do I remember this correctly? If so, then does W.H. think this will be a long reign for EVIL, or at least, not a transitional one as Wai & Mike Murray speculated? And does this mean W.H. suspects SANADA will never hold that title, or is it more nuanced than that?

Take Care