POST Puroresu: G1 Climax 28 Primer w/ WH Park & Wai Ting

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Wai Ting and WH Park present their NJPW G1 Climax 28 Primer in this special edition of POST Puroresu.

Designed as a crash course for new viewers and a refresher for long-time fans, this podcast highlights all 20 participants and their storylines heading into New Japan’s most prestigious tournament.

WH Park shares his predictions, Top 5 most anticipated matches, Top 5 “sleeper” matches, as well as his thoughts on the G1 Special in San Francisco.

Plus, answers to our patrons’ questions about the G1 Climax from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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WH has a very interesting idea for the Wrestle Kingdom main event, it is a great story but I really want to see Omega vs. Ibushi for the title there. You could do those guys going to a tie on the last night that makes Ibushi win the block and then tell the big story of Omega has never been able to beat him and he’s the last guy he feels he has to beat.

@wai0937 is there a way to edit our G1 picks?

A question for @chris?

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High quality show. Wai does a good job in moving the conversation and keeping me engaged as a listener.

WH’s picks are very similar to mine. Jealous of him being at 5 shows live. His comments about Naito perhaps winning the IWGP championship before Tokyo is interesting, but I suspect that NJPW will want to milk the result of the G1 all the way to January, which is why I’m picking Naito to win the G1 to meet Kenny in January.

I did make a contest entry - is there going to be a separate thread just for G1 predictions and outcomes, and for following the daily G1 results? Putting all of it into the big New Japan thread will be a bit cumbersome, I think, so separate threads are probably a good idea.

Thanks for participating in the contest.

I am going to provide updated scores for the contest at least once per week. I won’t officially commit to updates after each show but I’ll do my best to provide them frequently. I think a dedicated thread is a good idea. I’ll make one.

Is there a way to edit picks for my submission last week?

@chris can i get a link for the contest? Thanks!


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Go to and click on the button fot the G1 contest.