POST PURORESU: Ospreay vs. Takagi, Champion Carnival, FMWE

Originally published at POST PURORESU: Ospreay vs. Takagi, Champion Carnival, FMWE


John Pollock and WH Park are back to discuss the latest changes stemming from Japan’s extended state of emergency, WH’s thoughts on both nights of Wrestling Dontaku including Will Ospreay vs. Shingo Takagi, his top five matches from the Champion Carnival, Jake Lee wins, the Keiji Muto vs. Masa Kitamiya match, Atsushi Onita’s FMWE card in July, and we look at the brackets for the remainder of Stardom’s Cinderella tournament.

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Great stuff as always, guys. Wanted to reiterate from a listener’s perspective what you said re Karen - she was a great presence on the show and I really enjoyed some of the broader cultural/linguistic context she was able to add to things.