POST Puroresu: Power Struggle Preview, Super Jr. Tag League, Q&A

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John Pollock welcomes WH Park for their monthly edition of POST Puroresu with the following topics covered:

–Highlights of the Super Junior Tag League with WH’s recommended matches of the tournament

–The MVP of the Tag League and the disappointment of the tour

–A big preview of NJPW’s Power Struggle card from Osaka this weekend with Chris Jericho vs. EVIL

–Will Ospreay injured and missing Power Struggle

–New Japan finding other arenas

–Lanny Poffo’s work on the English commentary team

–Kento Miyahara regains the All Japan Triple Crown championship from Zeus

–CIMA’s recent match with Konsuke Takeshita at DDT’s Peter Pan card at Sumo Hall

–Atsushi Onita coming out of retirement for Joey Janela’s Spring Break III in New Jersey

–The latest on Pro Wrestling NOAH and Stardom

–Q&A on Japanese promotions working together, the scandal that affected NOAH, Cody’s role at Wrestle Kingdom 13, future champions from the current crop of Juniors & Young Lions, a talent that would have succeeded by leaving their promotions

–Your chance to have brunch with WH prior to Wrestle Kingdom on January 4th.

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