POST PURORESU: The History of Pro Wrestling NOAH

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John Pollock & WH Park are back for a packed June edition of POST Puroresu including a look back at the history of Pro Wrestling NOAH detailing their launch in the spring of 2000.

On this month’s show, the two detail the formation of NOAH, the mass exodus from All Japan led by Mitsuharu Misawa and the circumstances behind it and the role NTV played, the attitude towards Motoko Baba, those that stayed loyal to All Japan, and NOAH’s first set of shows in August 2000. From there, it’s a detailed look at the early years, the struggles involving Kenta Kobashi’s health until his legendary two-year GHC title reign beginning in March 2003, two shows at the Tokyo Dome, legendary matches to seek out, and the death of Misawa in 2009, losing television on NTV, and the lean years that followed.

Plus, we discuss the death of Hana Kimura and how it’s been covered the past week, the Japanese Government taking action, Terrace House’s future in doubt, and the response to her death.

We also go through updates on all the major companies with Japan lifting its state of emergency in most prefectures, All Japan making plans for the Champion Carnival, 2AW’s tag scene, Big Japan’s campaign fundraiser and WH’s thoughts, the King of Gate tournament in Dragon Gate, DDT, and the latest in NOAH.

Finally, it’s the POST Puroresu theme song contest as we go through the entries submitted over the past month.

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Great show! Could get a link to the recommended matches ?

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Skip to 47:00 for the match WH mentions(all great though)

Also Kobashi’s Ghc Title matches are all great (also includes the match vs Misawa where Kobashi wins the title)

Hope you have a few hours spare🙂

& just for @johnpollock

Or alternatively for WH

Thanks for the links I’m gonna start tonight!

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