This month, we are holding a contest to find a theme song for our monthly POST PURORESU show.

We encourage submissions to be under 45 seconds (a bed to play at the end will not be counted against that time suggestion) and can be submitted in this thread until the deadline on Thursday, May 28th at 3 pm Eastern.

Please avoid using any copyrighted material in your submissions.

WH has requested NO CHIMES and NO FLUTES.

WH Park and I will go through the submissions and select a winner on the June edition of the show.


I seem to not be able to upload anything other than image files in these feed.

Am I being really naive? Is there a way of uploading audio files?

I have 0 chance of winning so feel free to help me out Post Marks!

And so begins Post’s war against flautists.

You’ll need to create an account on a host such as SoundCloud.com to upload your file before posting the link in this thread.

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Cheers Cowboy :slight_smile:

Being able to create a theme song with the words “post puroresu” is a feat within itself.


Hey John and WH,

Chris & Dasha From Melbourne have teamed up once again to give another Post Wrestling Pop Song a shot.

Post Puroresu!
Post Puroresu!

From the super juniors to the heavyweights
It’s time for that monthly puroresu update
Here shining light like a torch in the dark
It’s John Pollock and WH Park!

Post Puroresu!
Post Puroresu!
It doesn’t matter what anyone else says!
Post Puroresu!
Post Puroresu!
Open the dream gate for the best of the best!


Are Chris and Dasha gonna win this by default? No other submissions here. lol

I think Patrick will post one, judging from his above comment.

But if not… images.jpeg-122


Hi i go by JUAN ZOMBIE from los angeles ca im a big fan of the Post offices crew . I hope you guys like the track . you guys inspire me to follow your dreams i started to listen to guys since the LAW days . Keep up the awesome work


So I clearly have 0 chance of winning because I don’t own the music, so feel free to skip me if the show is running long.

Hopefully this brings a smile to someones face, or at least John and WH’s sarcasm about it will.

Lyrics are:
"Fashion taste, is in his soul,
Poor dressed wrestlers, he knows them all,
knowing what to put on your hands and feet!

Fans gather, around their phones.
Waiting for John to start the show.
Noah, Stardom, New and All Japan.

WH said… Jay Whites not over.
Better clothes makes better wrestlers (better wrestlers).

Fuck off Fale, fuck off Fale. No More G1
New Japan Tag teams, New Japan Tag teams… needs some new blood.
Kotai Ibushi, he is gorgeous, how fit is he?
And as for Okada’s legs, they have there freedom


Great work everyone! These are always fun to listen to. This is my first contest entry since the “Say This For Wai” contest way back in the day. Hope you enjoy.

New Japan, All Japan
Dragon Gate, DDT
Listen, they’ll break them down easily

Pollock and Park, simply the best
Welcome to POST Puroresu

Straight from Japan, WH is the man
Critiquing your gear is his plan
He’s not impressed, wrestlers don’t know how to dress
Your gear is a mess

Pollock and Park, simply the best
Welcome to POST Puroresu


I love the vocoder!

All the entries so far -



That’s my favourite post wrestling theme period.

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This sounds like something straight out of the 80’s Animated Transformers Movie…

And I love it for it. Great job!

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@cmstrike Where is the instrumental from?
I really dig it. Send it to me?

Thanks! It’s all original.

I’ve uploaded an instrumental version on SoundCloud:


This is awesome!
Im feelin a Rewinda Remix . . . !

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