POST PURORESU: Where will Katsuhiko Nakajima land?

Originally published at POST PURORESU: Where will Katsuhiko Nakajima land?

Karen Peterson joins WH Park to speak about NJPW’s October schedule, Suzu Suzuki winning the Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix, Katsuhiko Nakajima’s future, Yuya Uemura & more.

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DEFY is based in Seattle, WA, so it’s an American promotion in the Pacific Northwest, so Bruce Lord may know of them. DEFY was Swerve’s house, as well as Nick Wayne’s house, but now I guess it’s KENTA’s house.

KENTA isn’t working ROH right now, but he’s on Impact’s Bound For Glory challenging Chris Sabin for the X Division Title.

Hiromu vs. Lio Rush vs. Mike Bailey was set up at the two Philadelphia shows New Japan took part in two months ago. Bailey won the All Star Junior Festival tournament and challenged Hiromu afterward. Then the next night at Multiverse United 2 from NJPW and Impact, Rush & Trey Miguel beat Hiromu & Bailey through cheating, and then Rush challenged Hiromu after Hiromu already promised a title shot to Bailey.

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