POST Roundtable #1 (w/ Brian Mann & Martin Bushby)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting are joined by Keep It 2000’s Brian Mann and The British Wrestling Experience’s Martin Bushby to discuss a variety of current topics in wrestling including: WWE Raw 25, Royal Rumble, Impact’s new deal with Twitch, new WWE PC signings, Brock Lesnar’s status following WrestleMania and lots more.

The British Wrestling Experience has its first episode available here.

Keep It 2000 returns February 1st with special guest Damian Abraham.

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I can’t wait to listen to Fatal 4-Wai during tomorrow’s commute!

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This was everything I hoped it would be.

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Could you imagine if WWE had TNAs library? And I don’t know if that’s good or bad either.

Some random thoughts about that library:
-Top NJPW guys look awful in it. That’d be fun on the WWE Network for them I’m sure.
-a whole new avenue of history between guys would exist, but I’m not sure WWE is interested in telling a Joe/Angle history or AJ/Roode history (and so forth). Still, history is often what makes wrestling interesting and adds a dimension to story telling
-AJ could also look pretty bad at times, and not a good look for certain WWE legends (Flair, Foley, Hogan)

In conclusion, I don’t think WWE cares enough about a catalog of guys they’ve acquired top work. They’ll be more than happy to run Best Of features with only AJs WWE work, which shortchanged his legacy and career but also is very E like.

Shout out to Brian Mann for doing some solid, spontaneous deep dive analysis on this show. Wasn’t expecting more than a “fun show” from this one but this guy actually had some really well thought out takes and I definitely wasn’t expecting that from “the funny WCW guy”. Really top-drawer stuff. Got me even more interested in what he has to say.

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I definitely enjoyed the different perspectives. Would like to hear Damian on a future one. I also second a name change to Fatal 4 Wai.

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Third for Fatal 4 Wai

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Really enjoyed this show. I had been hoping for a Bauer/Pollock style news recap show and this delivered.

Great show guys. If I could suggest one thing to improve this format it would be to make the show a little more free flowing. I love when you guys just chat more casually, this show was more question, answer, question answer. I do realize its a little harder to have a casual conversion with two guys in a room and the the other over Skype.

Maybe aim for a format closer to one of John’s favorite shows, Off The Record. That would be great.


I definitely prefer the Question-Answer format for these round-table shows, especially when using Skype. It’s creates an easier atmosphere and there is less talking over each other, which can be hard to moderate when you’re all in different parts of the world.