POST Roundtable #5 (w/ Arda Ocal)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting are joined by ESPN & MSG Network broadcaster Arda Ocal (formerly WWE’s Kyle Edwards) in this month’s POST Roundtable to discuss:
  • Working at The Score and developing “Aftermath”
  • His long road to getting a job with the WWE
  • How his passion for wrestling worked against him
  • Why working at the WWE wasn’t what he expected
  • Moving on from professional wrestling
WATCH: A video version of this interview is available for Double Double, Iced Capp and Espresso patrons of the POST Wrestling Café.

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It’s so mind blowing to me that a company will start to seriously look at you when you stop showing an interest in the industry they’re a part of.


Hey boys, really enjoyed this pod. Arda seems like a cool guy and his story to WWE was really interesting.

Loved the Podcast. I remember watching Arda on Aftermath and then seeing him on commercials for the WWE so it was really insightful and inspiring to hear and listen to his journey in Pro Wrestling. John and Wai Thank You for all that you do always! Another great job as usual. Keep up the Great work It’s highly appreciated. Hope to hear see many more of your work on Pro Wrestling and Combat sports in general.

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Love hearing Arda again. It was AfterMath that lead me to finding LAW.


I really wish his name ended up being Ray Donovan. That would have been tremendous.

Really enjoyed this show guys. Keep up the stream of great guests.

Favourite podcast in the brief history of Post Wrestling. The Score was always my favourite sports channel and Right After Wrestling was the shit!

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