POST Roundtable #6 (Mauro Ranallo & Haris Usanovic)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting are joined by their former colleagues Mauro Ranallo and director Haris Usanovic for a behind-the-scenes discussion about their documentary, Bipolar Rock ‘N’ Roller. In this month’s POST Roundtable:
  • How Mauro and Haris’ friendship led to the doc’s creation
  • The years of production Haris put into the project
  • Showtime’s involvement in the documentary
  • Mauro’s thoughts on Michael Cole and NXT
  • The passing of “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney
  • The importance of communication for mental health sufferers
WATCH: A video version of this interview is available for Double Double, Iced Capp and Espresso patrons of our Patreon, The POST Wrestling Café.

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This was tremendous. My favourite roundtable so far.

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The Roundtables I’ve been able to catch as a non-Patron have all been very enjoyable to me, especially this one.

@johnpollock @wai0937 do you know where we can watch this if we’re in the UK? Would like to watch before I listen to the roundtable.

And I meant watch the documentary.

A massive well done to all on this. Physically moved me. Actually cried on my way to work. Just wish it was available to watch in the UK

Yeah, the roundtable was fantastic.

If anyone does know how you can watch the documentary in the UK, that would be highly appreciated.

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Enjoyed the podcast and then checked out the video for double double +. Seeing Frank Shamrock laying on the couch is hilarious.

Fantastic work; kudos to all involved. There are so many incredible human stories happening in and around wrestling, and Haris deserves credit for recognizing that he had one on his hands and for tracking it through for so long. Looking forward to seeing the full film.

Also, I got more than a bit choked up when Mauro talked about the possibility of losing his fight and during his comments from the screening at the end. These are conversations and issues many men are trained almost from birth to ignore and “get over”. So much good can be done by men checking in with their friends and letting them know that there’s nothing wrong with needing help, with needing to talk about what they might be afraid of showing.