POST Schedule: David Lagana, Royal Rumble '94, WWE Draft night one

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We had a huge week at POST Wrestling last week with the introduction of our new fall schedule and the addition of Rewind-A-Dynamite on Wednesday nights.

From POST Wrestling Café members, feedback to shows, people listening to the free shows, it was a very big week for us and I want to welcome any new listeners/readers to the site.

This week, Rewind-A-Wai returns on Tuesday for members of the POST Wrestling Café as we review the 1994 Royal Rumble and we’ll compare the ending of the Casket match between Yokozuna and The Undertaker to the Hell in a Cell finish on Sunday.

Wednesday nights will feature both Rewind-A-Dynamite and upNXT dropping after the respective programs. Both are free shows and will remain that way.

This past Thursday, we introduced the new format of the Café Hangout, which now allows Patrons at every level to watch/listen to the show live, as well as phone-in. We were inundated with calls last week coming off the first week of AEW vs. NXT and this show to be a heavy analysis and feedback show from the night prior. On this week’s Hangout, we will be chatting about both shows and opening the phone lines for most of the show.

The first night of the WWE Draft will be covered on Rewind-A-SmackDown this Friday for members of the POST Wrestling Café.

This weekend, WH Park will return for POST Puroresu as we preview the NJPW King of Pro Wrestling card and chat numerous topics including the Japanese candidates for the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame this year.

The week wraps up with the return of David Lagana, who will be chatting with us about the first episode of NWA Power, the idea behind the show, and lots more. David is always a great guest with great insight into the industry as a whole, so we’re looking forward to having him back this Sunday.

*Rewind-A-Raw with John Pollock & Wai Ting

*Rewind-A-Wai #46: WWF Royal Rumble 1994 (Patreon)

*Rewind-A-Dynamite with John Pollock & Wai Ting
*upNXT with Braden Herrington & Davie Portman

*Café Hangout (LIVE at 3 pm Eastern for all Café members)

*Rewind-A-SmackDown (Patreon)

*POST Puroresu with John Pollock & WH Park

*POST Interview: David Lagana from the NWA

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