POST SCHEDULE: WWE Royal Rumble, ROCKY V, Jimmy Korderas

Originally published at POST SCHEDULE: WWE Royal Rumble, ROCKY V, Jimmy Korderas


*Rewind-A-Raw with John Pollock & Wai Ting (LIVE at 11:15 pm ET for Patrons)

*MOVIE REVIEW: Rocky V (Patreon)
*DEEP Impact with Davie Portman (upNXT)
*Andrew Thompson interviews Lee Moriarty

*Rewind-A-Dynamite (LIVE at 10:15 pm ET for Patrons)
*upNXT with Braden Herrington & Davie Portman
*Shot in the Dark with John Siino (upNXT)

*Bushby & Thompson’s Wrestling Adventure w/ Kris from L.A. & Chad Gelfand (Royal Rumble 2002)
*The BDE Rumble (

*POST Interview: Jimmy Korderas
*Rewind-A-SmackDown (LIVE at 10:15 pm ET for Patrons)

*NJPW New Beginning in Nagoya POST Show with John & Wai (Patreon)

*WWE Royal Rumble POST Show (LIVE for Double Double, Iced Capp & Espresso Patrons)
*Rewand-A-Vision with Wai Ting & WH Park (Patreon)


The big show this week is our Royal Rumble POST Show with John Pollock & Wai Ting, which will air LIVE immediately after Sunday’s show for Double Double, Iced Capp & Espresso members of the POST Wrestling Café. The show will free for everyone on Monday morning in audio and video form.

We will also have our POST Wrestling Royal Rumble Pool available for everyone to enter for free. The deadline for picks is this Sunday at 3 pm ET.

Throughout the week, we will be previewing the card and will be joined by former WWE referee and Aftermath TV co-host Jimmy Korderas this Friday.

Bushby & Thompson’s Wrestling Adventure will follow the Royal Rumble theme as they travel back 19 years to look at the 2002 Royal Rumble from Atlanta featuring Triple H’s big Rumble win, Chris Jericho vs. The Rock, Ric Flair vs. Vince McMahon & the “what” craze.


This Thursday night, Davie Portman & Braden Herrington’s most ambitious game show takes place at 7 pm ET with the upNXT RUMBLE.

They will be live at with 30 entrants joining the upNXT Rumble field including many from the POST community.


The ROCKY reviews return this Tuesday with John & Wai leaping forward to 1990 and tackling ROCKY V starring Sylvester Stallone and Tommy “The Duke” Morrison as Rocky goes to the streets. Some will argue this is the worst Rocky film of all-time and we’ll see if there are any redeemable qualities to take from the fifth installment.

On Saturday, John & Wai will have a bonus show out for Patrons with a quick review of the New Beginning in Nagoya card from NJPW headlined by Shingo Takagi vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi for the NEVER Openweight Championship.

Plus, Rewind-A-Raw and Rewind-A-Dynamite are LIVE for Double Double+ Patrons each Monday & Wednesday, Rewind-A-SmackDown is LIVE for all Patrons at 10:15 pm ET on Friday. The Friday show has turned into a very fun show with all the calls we receive and tackle a ton of topics beyond SmackDown.

The POST Wrestling Café is available for $6 U.S. per month and provides access to multiple bonus shows per week, live access for Rewind-A-SmackDown, and the entire POST archive.

Plus, Andrew Thompson will speak with Lee Moriarty this Tuesday to promote GCW’s Fight Forever 24-hour event next weekend.

Rewind-A-SmackDown is LIVE for all Café members on Friday night at 10:15 pm each week.





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