🎮 POST Unofficial Game Servers

:joystick: Today I’m happy to announce that I have launched a few game servers for this community to connect to. If you’ve been paying attention to Twitch you’ll have noticed that GTA:RP has become quite popular, so I’ve set up our very own GTA:RP server… :joystick:

:cityscape: Welcome to POST Santos… :cityscape:

If you aren’t a member of the Official POST Wrestling Discord you’ll need to join in order to connect to any of the servers.

:police_car: In order to connect you need the Windows version of GTA 5 and need to install - FiveM - https://fivem.net/ - once that is installed you can paste the following url in your browser and it should prompt you to open FiveM and connect:
fivem://connect/fishbowl.fishbulb.ca :police_car:

If that doesn’t work launch FiveM, hit F8 to bring up the console and paste the following connect fishbowl.fishbulb.ca:30120

:race_car: There’s a ton of activities to do, races, weapons, jobs. Access is whitelisted to our Discord server, let me know if you join and I’ll set you up with cash. :race_car:

:cowboy_hat_face: Because the technology is identical for Red Dead Redemption 2, I’ve setup a server for that as well. In order to connect to that you need to install RedM - https://redm.gg/ - once that is installed, just like FiveM - hit F8 to open the console and type the following connect fishbowl.fishbulb.ca:50120. This server is manually whitelisted so message me on Discord to let me know when you connect and I’ll add you to the list. :cowboy_hat_face:

:axe: Lastly, I setup a Valheim server to connect to that you need to install the mod Valheim Plus - http://valheim.plus/ - then from the main menu connect via ip to fishbowl.fishbulb.ca the password will be provided if you are a member of the Discord :axe:


I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so old while on this forum.

The list of terms I don’t know are:

  • GTA: RP (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was the last GTA game I played)
  • Discord (I’ve heard of it. Never used it. Don’t know how it works or what it does)
  • FiveM (no clue)
  • Whitelisted (Discord terminology I presume?)
  • Valheim Server (no clue)

I consider myself a gamer but have always been a console gamer. Never played much on PC’s so I don’t know anything about mods or servers or what the purpose is.


Don’t feel old, these are actually pretty niche things so you’re not out of touch. I’ll explain below

GTA:RP is a modded server for GTA V - it has custom scripts - it stands for GTA : Role Play - people pretend to be cops and robbers. Our server is not setup like that, it’s more a fun place to goof off.

Discord is a chat tool, similar to slack witha focus on gaming. It can be used for voice and video conferencing as well. Our Discord Server is a place where POST Wrestling fans hang out and talk aobut POST related materials and pop culture related items. Really if you get anything out of this thread, join the Discord - it’s a lot of fun even if you aren’t gonna play any games.

FiveM is a modded version of GTA that you need to connect to GTA:RP Servers.

Whitelistening is a security term, it contrasts with blacklisting. Blacklisted servers mean everyone can join except for people on the blacklist. Whitelisted servers means only the people on the whitelist can join.

Valheim is a new popular PC Survival game that is similar to Minecraft and has taken Steam by storm, it’s sold over 5 million copies in Early Access.

Is it possible to set up a server for NHL 94 or Mortal Kombat 2 for Sega Genesis? I would love to participate but am perpetually stuck in the early 90’s era of technology.


It actually is :thinking:


I’m in! Still have most mk2 fatalities memorized.