Post Wrestling 2018 favorite moments?

We are a year in now. What are your favorite moments from John and Wai for the year? I loved appearing on rewind a wai on a personal note a while back. Some highlights for me though, were their great coverage on Wrestle Mania and All In weekend, I couldn’t make those events, but John & Wai made me feel like I was there in some ways. I also loved the roundtables with Mauro, Conrad Thompson and Damian in particular. What did everyone else think? Feedback? It’s been an awesome year, looking forward to more to come. Happy New Year peeps.


Captain America Thor hulk iron man and iron man

Love they listened to the listeners and did the marvel reviews!


The time they talked about me on an NJPW review, after snowflakes were complaining about my feedback always being first.


The Meanderings of a man From NJ. Every time Wai no sells him I pop huge. @Brandonfrmnj


For me the highlight of Posts year is their coverage of the Crown Jewel event and in particular the incredible review which included guests going into detail on violence against journalists and the history of the Saudi regime. I think it was really brave for John and Wai to not just critize WWE but really dive into the story and broaden theirs and my horizons.

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Non feedback related.

The G1 coverage was incredible this year. With the pool contest and throw in a whole new review grading scale. I give that an XL 2 Sugars.

The Crown Royal event coverage was handled in a way that made me say, damn John and Wai have principals. Was proud to support them.

I thought John and Wai did an awesome job with WrestleMania and All In. considering it was their first year with POST to get on the road twice and commitment to delivering to Patreons. Damn.

Personal highlights: getting to make my podcast debut and review BTE a few months before All In. A fun game of likely unlikely. Not discussed, All Elite Wrestling.

Personal highlights: using my extra ticket to NXT Brooklyn by going with another listener thanks to upNXT. That was a lot of fun.


In all seriousness after my last post, some of my favorite moments, have been interviews with people I dont really know much about. I dont follow Ariel Helwani at all, as I’m not into MMA, but I loved his roundtable. Same with their interview with Marc Raimondi on the Christmas show. I dont know much about him, but I loved that interview. It just shows how good John & Wai are at their job.

I also love the Hangout. Its nice getting to come on after a hard day at work and just chill for 30-45 minutes and shoot the shit with them.

Personally though, Wai commenting on my blog when I felt I accomplished something at the gym and John sending me a personal message after I lost my job, really showed me that these 2 care about their listeners, thats why when I found a job, I moved up to the next tier. I hope one day I can become an Espresso Executive Producer, so I can hear them review one of my favorite WCW PPVs.


John talking about his baseball sim brought the itch back and I purchased Out Of The Park Baseball '19. Over time my 13 year old started peaking over my shoulder. Now that they release Perfect Team, we play together. It’s the only “game” I play, he has his fortnite and other games with friends but it’s a cool thing for Dad and Son.

Oh and I didn’t get sick one time in 2018. Good brothers need to start smoking the pot. I have three kids and a nurse wife, germs are everywhere. But I sit here a healthy man brothers. Every time they mention being sick, I yell at the radio for them to take up the ganja.

looking forward to a great 2019. Glad you got another job, Rated R!

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