POST Wrestling Game Night

Hey POST Wrestling fans! I’m proud to announce that tomorrow night I’ll be hosting the first ever POST Wrestling game night. We’ll be live-streaming the Jacbox Party Pack, it’s a a very fun social game that anyone can play from their browser or mobile device. You don’t even need to own the game to play. If you don’t feel like playing, you can still follow along during the stream. We’ll even be giving away some Official POST Wrestling swag.

You can be part the fun by joining us on our Discord server. If you’ve never used Discord, it’s a tremendously fun way to interact and share content with others. You can even link your Patreon account to show off your tier with other POST Wrestling fans.

No promises, but I’ve heard a rumor that a special member of the POST Wrestling family will be joining us as well. So what are you waiting for? Jump into the chat and start having a memerrific time!


Very cool look forward to playing

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I’ve never used discord but I’ve joined up for this. To play along with the game do I need to download anything from steam?


@Brad_The_Archivist Absolutely not, you can join the games from your phone or any web browser for free!

This seems brilliant. Hope I can find the time to do it

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Who wins the ratings: POST Game Night or UpNXT Movie Night?


Great idea! The Jackbox games are great in how you can just go on a site, punch in a code, and play along or spectate. I haven’t used Discord yet, so I have to get acquainted before then.

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how do I chat? I keep confirming my email. I’m bad at this

Yo I’m in. Cool

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Highly recommend playing packs 3 and 6 for Trivia Murder Party 1 and 2 alone.

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Trivia Murder Party is definitely on the agenda.

I’m going live soon on Twitch -

Make sure to also join our Discord server.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to play or just tune it, it’s was a lot of fun! Let the people know if you had a good time and hopefully we can do it again.


Is the discord just for this game, or is there chatting going on as well? I don’t really have the time to play the games, but I’d like to chat when I’m able.

I had a lot of fun playing along last night, so big thanks to Phill for setting it up. Nate Milton and Eric Marcotte were very active in the games, Wai joined in on the last game, and I believe we saw John briefly join the Discord chat.

A lot of the Jackbox games dealt with coming up with jokes, so there were a lot related to the pandemic, but also some related to Tito Ortiz (as Phil played a Tito interview montage to take a break halfway through). Also some appearances on a separate camera by Phil’s cat.


I would think general chat is still allowed (news articles popped up in it as they came on the POST site), but it seemed most active during the game night.


The discord chat continues, please stop in and share a gif.

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Had a great time

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Yeah, this was a fun night for anyone who missed it. It’s crazy what you can do w/technology these days! :+1:t3::video_game::100:


Thanks for joining us @PodFatherSOH - should be announcing a follow up soon. I’m also in Discord on the regular, and do some ad-hoc streams from time to time.

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