POST Wrestling Live In Toronto Q&A

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John Pollock and Wai Ting host a very special live Q&A from a sold-out John Candy Box Theatre in Toronto just hours before SummerSlam on August 11th, 2019.

Patrons can watch video of this Q&A here.

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Special thanks to Daniel Shehori and The Second City Toronto, Robert Pearson, Caitlyn Poli, Pauline Lai, and everyone who attended the event.

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Congrats on the show guys. Sounded like a great show with a great audience - looking forward to the day when it’s Post Wrestling Live in the UK!

Can I just say, the audio quality on this was excellent. Far better then most podcasts that have “live show” versions… John and Wai were really clear, not drowned out by the audience, and the audience questions were also really clear. So nice one on that front!


Much thanks to Matt and Natalie at the JCB for that. Their set-up was excellent and they were total pros from a technical perspective.


Lara from Vancouver is an incredible person. Just want to put that out there. I am sorry I did not get a chance to speak with her more. Hopefully down the road. It is always very cool to hear another fan talk about something that also hit a cord with you - like the Kenny description of pro wrestling did with me. Thanks Lara.


I was so happy to be at this show, it was so awesome. Thanks a lot guys!


So, did you find out the reason behind adding “box” to the name? John Candy theater sounds great. John Candy Box theater…not so much

The reason for the name is that this particular style of theatre is a “box theatre” based on how the seating is laid out in front of the stage, the room is square and relatively small.

It was always intended to be named after John Candy - and so “Candy Box” just sounded inviting.


very enjoy show with some pretty good questions. audio was flawless. only minor complaint, not the best camera placement for the video. i was worried early in the show that the person in front of the camera was gonna constantly be in the way, but they were mostly okay.