POST Wrestling Store – Feedback, Suggestions, Questions

I wanted to start a feedback thread here for those who have visited or ordered from our new merch site. Open to any feedback, suggestions or questions.

– Wai

EDIT: Moving this to “General” after official launch.

I’m currently pricing out a few items. Curious to know what people here would be comfortable spending on:


Hi Wai,

I’d love a good hat. But hats appeal when they quality material, not the cardboard feeling kind. (Same with shirts obviously). Perhaps for winter, a winter hat with the P?

I also really enjoy how The Ringer has made shirts based on popular sayings or running jokes on their shows. I’d enjoy a retro John Pollock’s Baseball Mogul Blue Jays T!

I think the P logo is awesome. I always find I tend to buy apparel more when I don’t feel like a buildboard for something. Having an awesome logo allows for options as everything doesn’t have to say the full company name. So far I think the store has a terrific blend! Great soft launch so far.


The one thing I really want are tanktops. I prefer tanks to regular t-shirts.

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Can you guys add some upNXT T-shirts? Would love to have those.


Would love a Pollock vs Ting tee!


Braden and Davie might be putting up something on their own on Pro Wrestling Tees. I would check with them.

Snapbacks, we need snapbacks!


///P armbands, like The Nexus

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I like T shirts with nice punchlines or clever catchprases related to the product. It could be a famous quote or reference to the podcast like “Was Captain America in the movie ?”.

Bring back the Pollock and Ting shirt that riffed on the Cesaro and Kidd shirt.

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