Post Wrestling Tops What Culture's 10 Best Wrestling Podcasts Right Now

Congrats fellas


don’t know much about what culture, but Congrats and Well Deserved!

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Cue “You deserve it!” chants.

Well done guys.


What culture is still a thing?


I take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about What Culture and their inane lists. Those fellas really know what they’re talking about!


Congrats guys. You beat some big names and just above OSW!


Nice job and well deserved!

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what culture telling us what we already know.

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It’s okay to not shit on everything here

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Pretty good list.

I’m curious what you guys think they may have missed for top pods right now.


It’s okay to not grandstand on a high horse for everything that bothers you as well.

But whatever, my joke was about how they changed their name after their face get MeToo’d in a chincy way.

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Oh man. Thats your gimmick here. You bitch about everything all day on the highest of high horses.

It’s also helps if jokes are funny but that’s just my opinion

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Dont worry about this guy. He had me banned after Wrestlemania, because I said Roman Reigns stole the show over AJ/Shinsuke. I stopped paying attention to him months ago, you should too.

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Lol wut?

He can’t be 100% terrible. I keep holding out hope

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I was telling him, to stop paying attention to you.

I didn’t realize I had the power to ban people.

And I didn’t like the aj match at all. I’m a roman fan believe it or not.

Ummmm…you can’t distinguish what is real and what’s a gimmick. I’ve never been anything but authentic in this place and the old forum.

So I’m going to take your comedy criticisms with a grain of salt.

We r internet strangers. You should take everything I say with a grain of salt.

so the number 2 show has not updated in 2 months

I think it’s mostly due to the quality of the feedback at the end of the reviews.