Post Wrestling/Writers Bloc

So this week on Post Wrestling, John and Ariel Helwani did their annual prediction show and talked briefly about Stephen Brunt and the shows he’s involved in (PTS and Writers Bloc) Later in the week (Friday) I tune into Writers Bloc. Not a huge fan but it’s a habit because of being a long time watcher of PTS w/ Bob McCown.

Anyways, Writers Bloc did their hockey segment with former LAW host Jeff Marek and after it was over, the next segment Blair and Brunt start talking about Marek and how he began in the business and mentioned LAW and had a discussion about wrestling. Then later in the show, Ariel Helwani was on the show to discuss UFC this weekend.

Listening to the prediction show and then watching Writers Bloc, it felt kinda weird and like everything came full circle lol

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