POST Wrestling's LIVE in Tampa Q&A has been cancelled

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Hey Everybody,

We wanted to alert everyone on the site that Wai Ting and I have discussed and decided that we will not be traveling to Tampa for WrestleMania Weekend.

Therefore, the POST Wrestling LIVE in Tampa show has been canceled and we will be reaching out to those that had purchased tickets over the next few days.

I wanted to convey our gratitude to those that planned to attend and had made travel plans specifically for our show. It is the responsible decision to make and we hope everyone understands.

Also, we would like to thank Robert Pearson, who is the brains behind our Q&A events and is a huge component behind these shows we have experimented with. Robert has put countless hours into the planning and preparation, and it goes without saying that we would not be able to execute these shows without his assistance.

Thanks to everyone in this community for their support.

– John & Wai


I think that is the right call! Stay healthy guys!

I’d like to express my respect and admiration for both John and wai as broadcasters, whether it be Saudi Arabia or the current situation, they judge the tone perfectly and address them with the sensitivity deserved.

The ending of RAD where wai says, “we’ll get through this,” was a moment where I choked up a bit, and from other broadcasters could have sounded insincere, this felt like a genuine moment of sincerity where someone wanted to ease people’s anxieties and cared.

Thank you.