POST Wrestling's schedule feat. Ariel Helwani, Fin Martin, Final Battle & TLC reviews

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This will be one of the busier weeks of the year at POST Wrestling and will be the case for the next month with our year-end shows and into Wrestle Kingdom.

Some quick notes for the shows we have scheduled later this month:

*The Best of 2018 Show will be up Friday, December 21st with Wai Ting, Braden Herrington, Davie Portman and I running through our picks in each category.

*The POST Wrestling Christmas Show will be released on Monday, December 24th with Wai Ting and I joined by many surprise guests and the annual Christmas Jingle Contest.

*The Worst of 2018 Show will be released the following week on Friday, December 28th with the same panel as well as the results of our voters online in each category.

Voting for the Best of and Worst of shows is open until this Thursday night at Midnight Eastern. Submit your picks and tune in for the results.

Because of the busier schedule we have made a few adjustments to our regular releases, the major changes are:

*Rewind-A-Wai #26 covering ECW One Night Stand 2005 will be released on Sunday, December 30th, which is one week later than usual. To make up for the gap, we will have another Rewind-A-Wai coming out Sunday, January 6th and then will return to the bi-weekly release schedule of the show.

*Due to Christmas and New Year’s falling on Monday and Tuesday this year, Rewind-A-Raw and Rewind-A-SmackDown will not be out those nights. Instead, Wai Ting and I will have two special shows out Wednesday, December 26th and Wednesday, January 2nd where we will go through both episodes from that week and get caught up on the news.

Here is this week’s schedule:

*Rewind-A-Raw with John Pollock and Wai Ting

*Rewind-A-SmackDown with John Pollock and Wai Ting
*Double Shot – reviews of Being the Elite, MLW from December 7th, Edge & Christian Show (Patreon)

*British Wrestling Experience with Martin Bushby, Oli Court and Benno with special guest Fin Martin to discuss the career and legacy of the late Tom “Dynamite Kid” Billington

*The POST Roundtable with Ariel Helwani of ESPN
*upNXT with Braden Herrington and Davie Portman
*LIVE Café Hangout at 3 pm Eastern with John Pollock and Wai Ting and special guest Sebastian Suave of Smash Wrestling (Live for Double Double, Iced Capp and Espresso members, available for free on Friday)

*Marvel Review of Captain America – The First Avenger (Patreon)
*Ring of Honor Final Battle POST Show with John Pollock and Mike Murray

*EGGSHELLS Podcast Companion with Chris Charlton: 2014 with Juan Torres of The Lion Marks
*POST Puroresu with John Pollock and WH Park, including WH’s Year-End Awards

*WWE TLC POST Show with John Pollock and Wai Ting (Live video stream for Double Double, Iced Capp, and Espresso members of the Café)

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That’s strong, glad there’s a ROH post show and as someone who has to work overnight Christmas and New Years glad some good content during that down time with all my other favorite daily shows taking the holiday off

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I think you guys are under charging us Patrons. You guys produce such a number of shows im getting my money five times over, not to mention the free stuff. Happy almost one year anniversary!

Heading to Final Battle on Friday. @johnpollock can I call in with a live report?!

We won’t be taking calls on that show but happy to hear your live thoughts when we post the feedback thread that night.

Enjoy the show.

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