POST Wrestling's schedule of shows for 'SummerSlam Week'

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It’s another big week in professional wrestling that climaxes with the WWE’s running the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on consecutive nights with TakeOver and SummerSlam.

We will have extensive coverage of both events this weekend at POST Wrestling in addition to our regular slate of shows.

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Below is this week’s schedule at the POST office:

*Rewind-A-Raw with John Pollock & Wai Ting

*Rewind-A-SmackDown – a review of SmackDown and a preview of SummerSlam

*The Double Shot (Patreon show) – John Pollock & Wai Ting review will be reviewing “Being the Elite”, a quick recap of last week’s Lucha Underground episode, and John reviews the new book, “NITRO: The Incredible Rise and Inevitable Collapse of Ted Turner’s WCW” by Guy Evans

*upNXT with Braden Herrington & Davie Portman – a review of the final episode of NXT going into Brooklyn and a preview of TakeOver

*Rewind-A-Wai – WCW Bash at the Beach 1998 (Patreon) – Espresso Executive Producer Thorsten Wendelmuth has chosen this WCW pay-per-view to be reviewed by John & Wai, featuring Hollywood Hogan & Dennis Rodman vs. Diamond Dallas Page & Karl Malone

*EGGSHELLS Podcast Companion –Chris Charlton is joined by Nate Milton to discuss the Tokyo Dome highlights from 1997

*NXT TakeOver Review –Braden Herrington will be joined by John Pollock to review TakeOver, and we will hear from Davie Portman, who will be in Brooklyn to watch the show live

*WWE SummerSlam Review –John Pollock & Wai Ting review this Sunday’s card from Brooklyn