POSTmarks #2: Hanzi


In this podcast profiling members of the POST Wrestling community, hosts Bruce Lord and David Meyers talk to everyone’s favorite caller, Hanzi, about his history with wrestling, how his experience on “The Howard Stern” show taught him to embrace positivity, and how he became a “POSTmark.”

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That was a cool show! Very neat to get to know Hanzi better. Very cool idea for a podcast series.


Great episode. I only sampled Howard Stern during his one hour late night televised series, so to hear that his (somewhat) remorseful of his past is surprising. Must be the AOT money?

Loved learning about the man they call Hanzi. Hands down always my favourite call in voice. Thanks for putting this together!

Loved the episode.

As a long time Stern fan (although dropped off in the couple of years), I always enjoyed whenever Hanzi called in. However, you could tell how detrimental it was to his health. Especially when they’d get him super wound up, and he clearly wasn’t in a good place.

I’ve enjoyed hearing him in the Post environment, and when he calls in.

Good interview, looking forward to future episodes!

Stern, like most people, have evolved greatly over the last two decades.

Some older fans definitely don’t like that fact - but he’s somebody who clearly isn’t interested in doing the same thing he was doing 25-30 years ago. Even 15 years ago.

He’s very outspoken on many issues including gay and trans rights, racism, and being very pro-vaccination. He used his platform to callout his former friend Donald Trump throughout his presidency. He’s also done a good job of evolving his use of language.

He’s also an absolutely incredible interviewer. I strongly recommend his discussion with Ben Affleck from last week. Really something you never hear from somebody who is usually as protected or insulated as an A-lister type movie star.

I listen to this yesterday on my drive home. It was really cool to hear your backstory after hearing you call in to the shows.

I think when Robin was diagnosed with cancer and he said he will stop the show if she didn’t come back it really showed a lot about his character

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