Postwrestling Forum Wrestling Awards 2017

Now the forum is up and running I thought I would have a bit of fun and arrange the first annual wresling awards for the Postwrestling forum(I do plan on doing these every year).

Simply PM me 3 nominations(5 for the hall of fame) by Friday at 5pm eastern(10pm UK) and then we will decide the winner from the top five nominations(three out of ten for the hall of fame). Any ties and I will have the deciding vote(otherwise I won’t be voting), all wrestling promotions can be used.

Here are the categories

Wrestler Of The Year

Worst Wrestler Of The Year

Female Wrestler Of The Year

Worst Female Wrestler Of The Year

Tag Team Of The Year

Worst Tag Team Of The Year

Match Of The Year

Worst Match Of The Year

Feud Of The Year

Worst Feud Of The Year

Supercard Of the Year

Worst Supercard Of The Year

Babyface Of The Year

Heel Of The Year

Commentator Of The Year

Moment Of The Year

Promotion Of The Year

Hall Of Fame(Remember to nominate five here, to be nominated you musn’t have been an active performer for at least two years)

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What exactly do you mean for hall of fame. Just any wrestlers? Any other criteria? Thanks!

Any wrestlers to create our very own hall of fame.

Message sent. Thanks. Sorry for the numerous typos. It was auto correct’s fault😠

Done :sunglasses::sunglasses: (it took at while)

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Just sent in mine.

Wrestler Of The Year: Okada

Worst Wrestler Of The Year: Toru Yano

Female Wrestler Of The Year: Manami Toyota

Worst Female Wrestler Of The Year: Alicia Foxx

Tag Team Of The Year: Young Bucks

Worst Tag Team Of The Year: Slater and Ryno

Match Of The Year: Omega vs Okada G1

Worst Match Of The Year: Yano vs Colt Cabana from Wrestle Wars Chicago

Feud Of The Year: Okada vs Omega

Worst Feud Of The Year: Wyatt vs Balor

Supercard Of the Year: Wrestlekingdom 11

Worst Supercard Of The Year: Summerslam

Babyface Of The Year: Daniel Byran

Heel Of The Year: Kevin Owens

Commentator Of The Year: Cyrus

Moment Of The Year: New Japan Long Beach

Promotion Of The Year: Tied ROH and NJPW

Hall Of Fame: Aj Styles, Naito, Midnight Express, Paul Heyman, Bruiser Brody

Can you nominate three per award instead of the one and send it by PM?


Hey @Pickles0303. Did you get my list? I titled it awards or something like that. I can’t find the message in my outbox. Thanks!

Yes I did, cheers

Bumping this to try and get more nominations, just over 24 hours to go.

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Less than six hours to get nominations in.

I’m afraid three of your nominees aren’t eligible, @Los_Ingobernables

Dam your right. Well if I could change the two I would put in Jericho and Jim Ross.

@Los_Ingobernables Pretty sure Jericho is still an active wrestler.

@Los_Ingobernables It’s also three nominations for the rest of the awards and sent by private message not left in the thread