POSTWrestling live after "The Big 4" (or 5) PPVs?

One of the things I personally miss about the LAW was being able to watch a PPV, and then immediately following the PPV we would tune in and listen to the recap/review of the PPV live. I think it might be too much to ask John & Wai to go live after all the PPV’s including the “B” PPVs, but I wonder if they would be open to doing a live POSTCast after the “Big 4 (or 5)” PPVs:

Royal Rumble
Money in the Bank (Considered the 5th PPV)
Survivor Series

What I would love would be John, Wai, Jason and The Mouth on these shows, but I understand logistics require a studio cough Newstalk 1010 because the POSTOffice is at full capacity with John and Wai currently.

What are everyone’s thoughts on this idea?


A Rumble/Mania live show would be cool. Realistically i dont think Summerslam, Survivor Series, and MiTB need a live show.


Additionally, maybe Wrestle Kingdom and/or Final Battle? Just wanted to throw the idea in. I know that they have far less viewers than the WWE Big 4/5, but since they are the biggest shows for their respective companies, it would be nice to cover them live as well.

But I’d be also fine with @zekey’s suggestion.

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With the advances in technology over the past few years it could be possible to do a live show with social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tout.

Also most streams also offer a live comment section, but John & Wait could always leave it for the Post Wrestling Cafe.

Mixlr could be an option for special occasion live shows, if they wanted.

I’ve actually looked into some of these for my own purposes but figured it could be useful for this live stream idea. There’s a few services and software that you can use to stream a live feed on multiple different platforms at once.

The one I’ve been looking into the most is called vMix, which I discovered through a live music technology stream that I regularly watch. Through it you can stream to multiple platforms simultaneously and has the software so you can produce a full fledged show with different camera angles or people the call/webcam in, lower thrids, etc. Depending on what features you all would want it could be a bit of an investment though.

Restream is another one that can stream to multiple different platforms at once. It can be a bit cheaper than vMix, but it is a subscription more so. Plus I think it’s just for the streaming part of it, though I could be wrong on that. Theres many other options out there too, just need some research,

I like the idea of a live stream after major shows. Instant feedback is always fun to hear.

Anyone know the costs of a live stream is for the server site?

Pretty much free these days.

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I would enjoy this a lot if John and Wai could figure out the technical logistics to make it happen. I agree that I always enjoyed getting the immediate reactions of the LAW team after a PPV