POSTwrestling Promo Contest.

Hey Everyone,

After listening to the POST Wrestling Xmas Special and listening to all the amazing jingles and had a blast at people’s creativity. With already 621 Patreon we already know how amazing this community is. Inspired by John’s and Wai’s amazing xmas promo I am willing to shell out $50 USD ( I’m Canadian so thats really like a million dollars) for a POST Wrestling Promo/AD. For those who cannot do video you may also do a Promo poster and a prize will be giving for that also.

Rules of entering:
Be sensible, nothing offensive. We’re looking for awesome fun promos. No longer than 3 mins. It can be a cut promo, an advertisement, honestly anything creative. Post it up on you tube and send us the link as a reply. Deadline day will be January 21st.

Good Luck everyone!