Potential Spoiler: AEW Talent on The Masked Singer

I dont watch the show, but its so obviously Chris Jericho as its been all over my Tik Tok Feed.

On a side note RIP Leslie Jordan :disappointed:

I watch it, thanks for that !

Did you realize it right away?

I haven’t watched that season yet. But I love guessing people’s voices.

Oh, sorry if I spoiled it. To be fair, this is pure fan speculation, no reveal has taken place yet and it’s not based on backstage rumours or anything. That voice is just so unique.

I was checking he has not been eliminated yet, yes it’s 100% his voice.

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Is he going to be on next weeks episode?

Yes, he is listed on wikipedia

Never seen the show but I saw the clip. I thought it was obvious, but I guess that’s bound to happen if the celebrity is an actual singer.

Keep in mind as well, to a wrestling fan it’s obvious, but to the average masked singer viewer they probably don’t know.

I will watch the show for the clues to see how many I can understand.

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It would be funny to have rey mysterio on that show.

The did the reveal for those that want to know if it was Jericho or not.