Pre-NXT TakeOver: In Your House media call notes

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The next installment of NXT TakeOver is scheduled for June 13th and it is branded ‘In Your House’. The match card for the show is filled out and will feature five matches with four of those being for championships.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque hosted the pre-TakeOver media call today and discussed all things involving the forthcoming event and during the call, he also touched on the all-women’s show that Mickie James and the National Wrestling Alliance are putting together.

Below are highlights from the media call and the audio can be heard via

  • Levesque commented on the segments with Cameron Grimes and Ted DiBiase Sr. He says they had a lot of fun putting those together and Jeremy Borash was heavily involved. Borash was also involved in the Tian Sha vignettes.
  • He discussed the recent promos that Karrion Kross’ challengers have cut on him and how several were reality-based. Some thought the first interaction between Adam Cole and Kross was a bit too much as far as Cole’s words to Kross. Levesque didn’t comment on if he thinks it was too much.
  • NWA’s forthcoming all-women’s event was brought up. Levesque questioned the “contractual status” line that Mickie James used, but if the best women’s wrestlers in the world want to be found, they are currently in WWE.
  • It was brought up how some talents who come from NXT don’t find success on Raw and/or SmackDown. Levesque compared it to when a college football player comes into the NFL and it doesn’t work out. Sometimes it is the environment that lets the individual down or it can be the individual themselves that contribute to that.
  • He added that he is not a fan of speculation regarding what brands certain talent could move to. “Just watch it” was the phrase he used.
  • The Million Dollar Championship that L.A. Knight and Cameron Grimes are competing for at TakeOver is the original belt.
  • In regards to a TakeOver during SummerSlam weekend, he says that is a “work in progress”.
  • Levesque does not provide further details on what is to come for the Million Dollar Title after TakeOver.
  • For now, the C.W.C. is the home of NXT. He is looking forward to Full Sail re-opening and moving NXT back there.

There will be a TakeOver: In Your House press conference on June 12th. As of this writing, here’s the card for TakeOver:

  • NXT Championship — Fatal 5-Way: Karrion Kross (c) (w/ Scarlett) vs. Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Kyle O’Reilly
  • Vacant Million Dollar Championship — Ladder Match: Cameron Grimes vs. L.A. Knight
  • Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li (w/ Tian Sha & Boa)
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Raquel Gonzalez (c) vs. Ember Moon
  • NXT North American & Tag Team Championships — Winners Take All: Bronson Reed (c) & MSK (Nash Carter & Wes Lee) (c) vs. Legado Del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza)

HHH sounded like a complete moron on this call

Triple H’s response to a question about fans being frustrated when NXT talent gets misused on Raw or Smackdown, transcribed by Josh Nason:

“It’s so funny to me sometimes how in our business, everyone is so worried about where someone is going to go or land or how is this going to play out long-term in the future. How about watch it? Do you like it or do you not like it? Do you have to say 'I like it, but I like this other thing more.” Just watch it or don’t."

“And stop trying to figure out where everything goes. Fans ruin their own stuff half the time trying to figure out where everything goes and why it’s going there and how, and then trying to pick up their phone and search for the thing to find out what it is can ruin it for them so they aren’t surprised when it happens. I don’t understand that.”

I think this response is asinine and doesn’t really answer the question. I take it Triple H is frustrated himself, for different reasons or the same ones as fans.


“Fans want to be invested in the characters and stories they are watching and following. Why? Fuck that! …and don’t be critical of what you consume.”
-Triple H


The NFL comparison sounds like it’s coming from someone who has never followed professional sports. Just an asinine and completely clueless comment

Lol, when I heard him say that, I knew was going to piss off the exact people he was trying to piss off. If you go on Twitter you can see exactly who that is as they are fuming about it.

Do I think it was a smart think to say? No. Am I mad about him saying it? Lol, no.

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