Primo Colón says while he & Epico were doing 'Shining Stars' persona in WWE, Puerto Rico Tourism Department wanted them for a commercial

Originally published at Primo Colón says while he & Epico were doing 'Shining Stars' persona in WWE, Puerto Rico Tourism Department wanted them for a commercial

He touched on the Las Matadores characters as well. 

In 2011, real-life cousins Primo and Epico Colón began tagging in WWE. The duo underwent several character changes throughout their time in the company and won the Tag Team Championships on one occasion. They were released in April 2020

There was a point in 2016 when they were referred to as ‘The Shining Stars’. Vignettes aired for them and in the videos, they urged people to come to Puerto Rico. Primo spoke about the persona while on episode #104 of the Café De René livestream

He shared that the Puerto Rico Tourism Department wanted him and Epico to film a commercial. Primo said the opportunity got ‘kiboshed’ at some point. 

Shining Stars (persona in WWE), we (Primo & Epico Colón) pitched that idea. It came out so cool that the Puerto Rico Tourism Department who — they do commercials. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen, ‘Come to Jamaica or come to –’ they actually called and they wanted us to run a commercial… It got kiboshed somewhere but I was like, damn man. It would have been perfect. But yeah, I like that gimmick. That was one of my favorite ones.

Primo and Epico were also known as Los Matadores with El Torito. The initial concept for the characters was supposed to be a spin-off of Los Conquistadores. They were supposed to be a heel act, but Primo said once El Torito joined, he knew they weren’t getting booed. He added that the run was one of the most profitable periods of his career. 

The Matadores, it’s original birth before it became an abortion, do you remember The Conquistadores that Edge and Christian (Cage) did? Our spoof was supposed to be the same spoof. We were just going to rehash it because we wanted to wrestle — we were looking forward to wrestling Rey Mysterio at the time who was tagging with original Sin Cara. So alright, let’s make fun of their Mexican style heritage of wearing the stupid mask and all that and then, some reason, they threw in a midget (El Torito) which became a bull and I said, ‘Look at that cute little son of a b*tch. There’s no way they’re gonna boo him.’ I said, ‘We’re babyfaces now! We’re good guys.’ The concept is completely different from what we had so you know, some idea comes in your head and then some other people get involved in it but once I saw the midget, I said, ‘No, we’re babyfaces.’ We’re gonna have to go and make haha out of this which, it was a pretty good run. It was probably the most profitable run I had in the whole company. So my bank account, thanks WWE for The Matadores. My ego? Maybe you’re seeing a different story but, it was fun because I knew what it was and I had a good time doing it.

Primo is helping run the World Wrestling Council promotion in Puerto Rico. He said he’s taking over while his father, Carlos Colón, tends to health issues. 

WWE held their Backlash Premium Live Event in Puerto Rico in May.

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