Pro Wrestling/MMA themed artwork

Hello everyone. I’m new here so I hope this hasn’t been covered on the boards yet. You guys might remember my submission to the Rewind A Dynamite theme song contest (I was the first rapper featured). Aside from making music, I love painting/sketching/making artwork in general and occasionally I’ll do some stuff combat sports themed. I’ll post some of the artwork I’ve done but I’d really love to know/see some of your guys’ stuff if anyone else on here is of the artistic type. Check some of my stuff out below…

A piece I did of Don Frye from the fight just a few days after 9/11.

Heres one of Stan Hansen! One of my all time favorites.

Yoshihiro Takayama looking dapper as fuck

Heres an original piece inspired by lucha libre specifically Perro Aguayo and Rey Mysterio Jr.

Another original piece i titled “Concussion”

Heres some Graffiti Art I’ve done as well…

Its like Monsters Inc meets 80s NWA

The Jr. Ace…

Anyhow, I cant wait to see your responses, if any!


Awesome work you’re very talented. I can’t draw for shit.

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These are incredible. Well done.

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Right on guys! I really appreciate your feedback. It means the world. But, I know I cant be the only person on here who likes to draw. anyone else got some stuff?

I have zero artistic ability, but this was made by @mmahistorytoday on Instagram, and it’s the one thing I have up in my bedroom. Just beautiful artwork of perhaps the most intense moment I’ve ever seen.


I still have nightmares of that split lip.

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In the thrill and agony of 189 video that the UFC posted, Robbie is celebrating in the cage after his win, and Dana White walks up to him, sees Robbie basically screaming with that lip, and just goes “Jesus! Don’t fucking talk!”

It takes Lawler a second to recognize what Dana’s talking about… then proceeds to laugh like a lunatic.

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