Pro Wrestling NOAH crowns new champions on first night at Sumo Hall

Originally published at Pro Wrestling NOAH crowns new champions on first night at Sumo Hall

Pro Wrestling NOAH crowned several new champions and one wrestler lost his hair at the promotion’s first of two shows at Sumo Hall.

In front of an announced attendance of 1,585, HAYATA regained the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship by defeating Eita in the main event of the card.

HAYATA won the match after hitting Eita with Headache and securing the championship for the fourth time in his career.

HAYATA defeats Eita to become the NEW @noah_ghc JR HVT Champion! #noah_ghc

— Pro Wrestling NOAH (@noahglobal) April 29, 2022

Eita’s run as champion only lasted seven weeks after beating Daisuke Harada in Yokohama last month.

The only title change saw Yoshinari Ogawa and Chris Ridgeway become the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Champions with a win against Atsushi Kotoge & YO-HEY in the semi-final on the card.

The match lasted over thirty-three minutes and saw Ridgeway submit Kotoge with the Stretch Muffler.

I’ve had chance to sit for a second and it has just hit me. I am so happy and I am so grateful. Thank you so much for all the support I truly mean it.
This is how we closed out Ryogoku tonight. We made history.

All the gold belongs to STINGER. #noah_ghc

— Chris Ridgeway クリスリッジウェイ (@chrisridgeway__) April 29, 2022

This marks the eighth time Ogawa has held the tag titles with previous partners including Zack Sabre Jr., Minoru Tanaka, Kotaro Suzuki, and three separate reigns teaming with HAYATA.

Kotoge & YO-HEY won the vacant titles two months beating HAYATA & Yuya Susumu in Tokyo.

Haoh defeated Nioh in a ‘Loser Ring Name Stripping Match’ that saw the victor cut Nioh’s hair inside of the ring. Nioh will now have to change his ring name.

.@HAOH___ symbolically cuts the hair of @69HIROKI69 in Sumo Hall! #noah_ghc

— Pro Wrestling NOAH (@noahglobal) April 29, 2022

Here are the full results: (Courtesy:
*GHC Jr. Heavyweight Championship: HAYATA over Eita (champion) in 28:08
*GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Championships: Yoshinari Ogawa & Chris Ridgeway over Atsushi Kotoge & YO-HEY (champions) in 33:41
*3-Way Elimination Match: Ninja Mack over Dragon Bane and Alpha Wolf in 18:03
*Shun Skywalker, SB Kento & H.Y.O. over Daisuke Harada, Alejandro & Junta Miyawaki in 25:00
*Extreme Tiger over Seiki Yoshioka in 11:31
*Loser Ring Name Stripping Match: Haoh over Nioh in 16:03
*NOSAWA, Texano Jr. & Super Crazy over Tadasuke, Hajime Ohara & Shuji Kondo in 10:46
*Kotaro Suzuki vs. Yuya Susumi ended in a 20:00 time-limit draw
*Slex over Yasutaka Yano in 8:37
*Ikuto Hidaka over Kai Fujimura in 6:37

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