Pro wrestling NOAH

I’m in Tokyo right now, at the pro wrestling Noah show. Any names from that promotion that I should really be interested in, never seen a show from them before

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Halfway through the show, ive been timing the matches and jotting down a couple notes about each Match thus far. Will post a lengthy report on this thread after the show

Noah show

Korakuen hall was about 75% full
Apologies if names are wrong, used translate on my phone to get the English translation from this link

First match
Hayota and Yo-Hey vs Ogawa and Miziwaki
Winners, hayota and Yo-Hey in 11:07
Very solid opener, stand out performer was yo hey

Second Match
Saito and Inoue vs O’Hara and Quassi
O’Hara and Quassi win in 8:18
Standout performer was O’Hara and Saito, very funny match lots of enjoyable comedy spots

Match 3
Yone and storm vs nagai and hall
Yone and storm win in 10:36
Decent match, no real standouts, three straight tag matches is interesting

Match 4
Tanaka vs tadasuke
Tanaka wins in 10:35
Solid singles match, worked on Tanaka’s leg the entire time, great selling by Tanaka

Match 5
Mybach vs Kenso
Ended in double countout at 9:38
Very physical match continued fighting after match ended

Match 6
Harada vs Hi 69 Hardcore match
Hi 69 wins in 21:14, just an incredible matches, tons of crazy spots like Harada getting a paper stapled to his face

Match 7
Nakashima vs Kaiten
Nakashima wins in 8:16 by knockout, that dude can flat out kick, very solid 8 minute match

Match 8 - main event
Masamachi, Australia and Kogei vs King, Kitamiya and Sugeria
Kogeis team wins in 21:38, terrific main event tons of big action and hard hitting kicks/chops and clotheslines. All 6 men stood out as very excellent performers.

Overall very solid show